It’s been a long time, but my Pole journey continues

Nick Altiere Photography took care of us this time around.  What a talented guy!

Nick Altiere Photography took care of us this time around. What a talented guy!

My life is about to change for the better.  In a big way.  I’ve started my own business doing nutrition consulting, and as of June 30th, I will no longer be working a regular 9-5 job.  The prospect is incredibly exciting, and also tremendously terrifying. I feel very positive about the months to come, as I’ve already found some clients.  All of my paperwork is filed, and I start my work on July 1st.

The last six months have been a whirlwind of planning, preparing, and hoping that things will work out.  But now that I’m well on my way to this venture becoming a success, I can start to turn back to some of the other things that are so important to me.

One of the first things to go when I started getting even busier than usual were regular Pole classes.  I continued teaching, but getting to classes was definitely a hit or miss.  Therefore, stagnation has been the name of the game.  Add to that a brutal case of tendonitis in my left elbow, and you have a formula for Megan doing very little on the Pole!  But I’m gonna bite the bullet and get a cortisone shot in my elbow, so my last barrier to improvement ought to be knocked down pretty soon.

I’ve continued to dance in my classes and on my own, mainly to keep my sanity.  That means I’ve done a lot with my floor-work and flexibility, even if I haven’t achieved any big deal pole tricks lately.  Vertical Fusion had a show on June 6th called Sky Candy.  We were at the Dickens in Longmont again, and did a double header.  What a hit!  It was a lot of fun, and it was the first time that I did an improvised performance on the Dickens stage.  I had neither time nor motivation for choreography this time around!Sky_Candy-45

I am hoping to be regular about updating my blog again, because — with a little luck — I’ll actually have some new Pole news to share!

Be well!

2015 and its possibilities

I find it interesting to see how even though my overall life priorities change, Pole always remains a constant.  I might not always take as many classes as I want, or achieve as many tricks as I desire, but Pole and the community are always there for me.

My Fit 4 Pole classes have become suddenly very popular, much to my surprise and excitement!  In the “old days”, I was pretty psyched to get 2 or 3 people.  More often than not, I ended up running through my program all alone (because, you know, I’d already showed up to the studio; might as well get in a workout, right?)  Last Saturday I had seven participants, and today I had six!

What never ceases to amaze me is that people come back.  I say that with a touch of sarcasm, but also with great seriousness.  Fit 4 Pole is a workout.  It is hard.  You sweat, you groan, and you’re sore the next day.  But it works.  Fit 4 Pole participants notice faster gains in their pole strength, as well as fewer injuries overall.  Better tricks without getting hurt?  Why hasn’t this been big sooner?!  Whatever the reason, I am thankful for all of the brave ladies who are starting to show up for Fit 4 Pole.  I’ve been teaching this class in one iteration or another for more than three years now, not because it’s popular and not because it’s glamorous, but because it is important.  And to see these ladies coming and starting to reap the benefits?  I am beside myself with glee.  What a way to start my new year.

In addition to Fit 4 Pole suddenly being the “it” class, I am still teaching Art of Sensual Movement.  I will be doing burlesque focused classes because Vertical Fusion will be doing a burlesque show at the Dickens in Longmont on February 7th!  Two shows, in fact; this will be our first double-header, with a 4:00 and an 8:00 show.  Being the masochist that I am, I will be doing two routines.  I’m feeling pretty good about them so far, though, so no reason to panic (yet).

I see other big things happening this year, some pole-related, some simply life-related.  I will do my best to keep you in the loop.

Quiet choreography

On December 20th, VF is partnering with Cupcake Cabaret in Fort Collins for a fun holiday show.  I volunteered to perform, thinking I’d either A) get some major choreography inspiration, or B) freestyle again.  I’m pleased to say it’s A!  It’s not often that I feel such real and sudden inspiration as I have for this performance.  Up until today, I’d only run through the routine in my head (again and again, on repeat on my iPod while at the gym or out walking.)  After Fit 4 Pole today, I decided to see if my imagination was realistic enough for my body.

It came out good.  Really good.  I’m not cementing any of it in, because sometimes in the moment of performing, I’m moved to do something a little different, but just about everything I pictured in my imagination came to fruition, including two tricks I’ve never put in a performance because I’ve historically been sketchy about hitting them.

Speaking of which, I love when I re-visit a trick that used to be a pain in my ass and find that now — Poof! — it’s easy.  And pretty.  And fulfilling.  I should do this more often!

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