My Top 10 of 2013

Beautiful shot from Nina of my mixed showcase performance last Friday.

Beautiful shot from Nina of my mixed showcase performance last Friday.

I heard someone complaining about retrospective best and worst lists the other day.  I smiled and nodded, but didn’t mean it, because frankly: I love them.  I don’t necessarily need the end of a year to look back and pick out the good, the bad, and the ugly moments, but it’s as good a time as any.  That’s probably why I started collecting good moments in a box at the start of the year.  When something particularly awesome happened, I jotted it down on a scrap of paper with the date and put it in the box.  Ron doesn’t know this yet, but we’re going to read through them on New Year’s Eve.  Good thing I started spacing out that I’d begun this project by the time June rolled around; it will save us from some reading.

2013 was a mixed bag.  There was a lot of fear, a lot of tragedy, and the day that I now recognize as the worst day of my life.  But I’ve noticed — looking back — that many of those terrible moments spawned wonderful things.  Some of the bad turned into something so good, that it inspired this top 10 list.

This year I grew tremendously as a dancer.  My work, rehearsals, classes, and choreography culminated in the performance I gave at the mixed studio showcase on December 20th at Vertical Fusion FoCo.  My dance was a mix of choreography and freestyle, and I dedicated it to Ron.  Follow this link to see it; I’m truly proud of this piece:

So, without further ado, I give you: Baast’s Top 10 Pole and Dagorhir moments of 2013!


At War Ghoul this summer, my friend Squk (character name) tried Pole.  I have been trying to get this guy on a pole for years, because — as you can see from this picture — he’s totally built for it.

Dagorhir Squk shot for blog 12 2013

We were all partying during the last night of the event, and I was encouraging people to get on the pole in the Stagger Inn.  Partially because I was tired, but mostly because it’s fun to help people learn and to try something new.  I figured Squk here was a lost cause.  That is, until he put down his drink, climbed hand-over-hand to the top of the 12-foot pole (his legs NEVER touched the pole during this combo, by the way), flipped into a handspring, to split grip Ayesha, then into full flag.  He did not realize that there were names to assign to the tricks he’d just performed, mind you.  He just fucking did it.  That was awesome.


At the mixed studio showcase last week, a little plan of Nina’s that had been brewing for a while came to fruition.  Nina had started collecting funds from VFers to send Melanie to a “Traincation” at Body and Pole in New York.  She collected more than enough to get Melanie unlimited training for a full week.

You see, we at Vertical Fusion feed off of Melanie’s tears; the more she cries, the more essence we can get from her.  That sounded creepy, and it was on purpose.  But I’m totally not kidding about “getting Mel to cry!” being a goal at, oh, every gathering, performance, and showcase ever.  I think part of the reason is it’s not hard.  But full-on lose-her-mind weeping is a little harder to achieve.  Way to go Nina!  We got there.

VF Mel and Nina Dec 2013

Also a Nina pic (though I suspect it was Justin behind the camera this time!) Also: check out Mel’s AMAZING hamstrings!!

In all seriousness, we love Melanie so much, and she gives her entire heart and soul to Vertical Fusion.  If it weren’t for her, none of us would know each other, and people whom I genuinely consider my family would be out floating in the ether.  She deserves this gift more than anyone in the world.


In October, Da Juhr Gah held its annual bonding event, “Kill, Grill, and Chill, Part 2”.  This event is held at Thompson Park in Longmont; we all bring food, and alternate eating a bunch of crap with beating the piss out of each other with our foam weapons.  Dagorhir is a really important part of my life, and Da Juhr Gah are the people in Dag whom I see most often.  Luckily, I really, really like all of them!  We’re very proud of our tiny little group, so we like to celebrate it every once in a while.  At this event, the fighting was particularly awesome.  I love the days where everyone is on, and fighting like champs.

It was — by far — my best fighting performance ever.  During a game called Kill your Killer, in which everyone fights in a free-for-all, and when you are killed, you are out until someone else kills the person who killed you, I noticed that my opponents were thinning out.  There were probably 9 or 10 people on the field in total.  After killing Victor, Wasad, and Doug (our best fighters), I looked around the field and saw everyone standing around with their weapons over their heads, signifying their deaths.  Everyone, or SO I THOUGHT.  In absolute disbelief and celebration, I threw my shield up in the air and hooted.  The shield then blocked an arrow speeding across the field from the lone survivor: an archer named Aspergagus.  The arrow flew off course, and I was able to chase him down and finish him off, thereby starting a real celebration of killing all of my friends on the field of battle.Da Juhr Ga practice 7 2012 011


Before Thanksgiving this year, I was talking to Melanie about how much I love doing a crazy hard exercise class on Thanksgiving morning so that I can work up a beastly appetite for the afternoon feasting.  She mentioned that Kris had already started a discussion on Facebook about doing Thanksgiving morning classes in order to glean the level of interest.  I promptly told Mel that I’d be more than happy to teach a Fit 4 Pole preceding Kris’ class, and that I would do it for free.  That started our morning of pole to show thanks for all of our wonderful Vertical Fusion clients.

I was amazed at the number of people who showed up, eager to work their asses off.  I was so inspired by them, that I proceeded to teach one of the harder fitness classes of my career!  I got quite the workout during the process.


I never shut up about Pole.  Seriously: ask all of my co-workers, friends, and family who don’t Pole dance.  But what do I talk about with my Pole family?  (Um…besides Pole?)  Dagorhir, of course!  My other off-the-wall hobby.  Apparently I talked about it enough this year, because I got a Facebook message from Babydoll in July.  Her birthday was coming up, and she would really love to try Dag, but was kind of afraid to do it…unless a huge group of friends tried it, too!  This inspired “Kill, Grill, Chill, and Pole” in the park for Babydoll’s birthday party!  Another VF-er brought a portable pole to the festivities, Da Juhr Gahns brought their spare weapons, and the great Pole/Dag mash-up was born!  It was beyond fun to teach the rules of the game to my Pole friends, most of whom turned out to be really good fighters.  I credit the upper body strength and confidence that Pole imparts!  My Dag friends got to see that Pole dancers aren’t just pretty girls.  They’re strong, funny, sweet, pretty women who HIT HARD.

Nina's pic!  Look at the happy birthday girl with her new, pretty sword!!

Nina’s pic! Look at the happy birthday girl with her new, pretty sword!!


My Colorado friends know that there were a few days in September that didn’t follow our normal late summer weather patterns.  The devastation of the 100-year flood spread far and wide through our part of the state, and many VF-ers were affected by the damage.

For my part, I stayed in my house, knowing it wasn’t safe to go out, but wishing desperately that I could help.  By the third day, I couldn’t stand it anymore.  Ron was at the Emergency Operations Center in Boulder, running communications for emergency response, so I gathered up a group of friends, and we met at a restaurant in north Longmont.  Mostly, I wanted to see their faces, to hug them, and to know that they were OK.  We went around the table and told our stories.  Then we started talking about what we might do to help.

Thanks to Google, we learned that what the flood relief effort really needed was money.  So, we decided to raise some.  We collected donations at our performances through September and part of October, we held donation-based classes at our studios, and we held a silent auction at the FoCo one year anniversary.

I will always remember that lunch in the sun as an island in a sea of concern, fear, and anguish.  I am happy that something wonderful could come from something so terrible.


Ain’t no party like a fancy dress party, ’cause a fancy dress party don’t stop!

Should I explain myself?  I’ll try.  War Ghoul was a time for healing, for kicking back, for meeting new friends, and for a LOT of fun.  The fancy dress event inspired one of the Army of Mordor’s new battle chants: “Wasad in a dress!”  Slightly more popular than the party chant, “Wasad on the Pole!”  Sabriel decided to push Wasad’s limits just a little bit with a cute apron, some mascara, and a lollipop.  Ugli wanted in on the action, so she graciously loaned him a corset, which — tragically — you can’t see in this picture.

I think I laughed harder at this whole business than I have all year long.

Oh Wasad, Ugli, Sabriel, and made my summer something special.

Oh Wasad, Ugli, Sabriel, and Mikar…you made my summer something special.


My Dagorhir friends know that Ragnarok is a big, screaming deal.  Hell, if you read my blog, you know it, too!  Every June, approximately 1600 people pack up and head to Pennsylvania for a week-long event of camping, fighting, drinking, dancing, and partying.

Rag is also a tremendous amount of work, and the overall tone of the event this year was labor-intensive.  This was mostly due to the monsoons we had starting on Tuesday and extending until we finally got to go home.

But the first night was magical.  Da Juhr Gah had spent the entire day traveling to the site and setting up our very elaborate camp.  It had been hours and hours of work, and we were finally at a stopping point.  Dragonhorde came to join us for an impromptu dinner cooked over the campfire and for a little early on partying.  Mog brought two Mason jars of his homemade moonshine (one flavored with peaches, the other with cherries).  I think the combination of the hard work, the desire to kick back, and the general lack of food in our stomachs combined into a scene of drunkenness, the likes of which I have never seen.

And everyone was happy!  You know how sometimes one drunk person kind of loses their mind and sort of ruins all the revelry?  That didn’t happen.  Every idea sounded like a good one, and everyone absolutely adored everyone else that night.

Sometime when you’re with me in person, ask me to tell you about what I found in my tent the next morning…

From left to right: Zagar, Skadi, Asbeorn, Victor, Ulffer, Mikar, myself, and Wasad in our beautiful Da Juhr Ga camp.

From left to right: Zagar, Skadi, Asbeorn, Victor, Ulffer, Mikar, myself, and Wasad in our beautiful Da Juhr Ga camp.


On September 21st, Nina’s own Colorado Pole Championship competition proved to be a wild success.  All of the seats sold out in anticipation of the biggest names in Pole around Colorado and surrounding states performing onstage at the Oriental Theater in Denver.

I was one little audience member who turned up to root for our VF-ers, Melanie, Bob, Ariel, and Waeli.  They all blew my mind, but what blew me away even more was watching Mel win the Masters Division, and Waeli take the Championship.  I still get goosebumps when I think about it.

I FB stalked Mel and found this shot from Shannon, so thanks ladies!  Here are Mel and Joe after Melanie won the Masters Division at the Colorado Pole Championship.

I FB stalked Mel and found this shot from Shannon, so thanks ladies! Here are Mel and Joe after Melanie won the Masters Division at the Colorado Pole Championship.

And the #1 moment of 2013:

I was driving in my car sometime in December of last year, listening to music as usual.  Sometimes a song will come on that is so inspiring, I begin choreographing to it in my head immediately.  This can be a brand new song, or one I’ve known and loved for as long as I remember, but for some reason this one time it sparks new inspiration.

The song was “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by the Proclaimers.  Suddenly the vision in my head was of me and Ron dancing a duet to this song at the Valentine’s Day themed VF show, as yet to be named “Cupid’s Revue.”  I finished my drive home, jumped out of the car, ran into the house, and declared to Ron, “You’re going to dance a duet with me in the February showcase!”  To which he replied, “OK.  Just tell me what to do.”

Ron worked so hard.  He went to the brand new all male Pole series that Mel started up in January.  He practiced at home.  He practiced at the studio.  He learned my choreography.  He came up with many of his own tricks.  He trained so hard that he injured his shoulder!

But the show went on.  As we waited backstage for our music to start, he in his tuxedo t-shirt and workout shorts, I in my inappropriately short “formal” dress, I looked across at him and smiled.  “How lucky am I”, I thought.  And then the first beats of our song started playing, and Ron stepped out from behind the curtain.

This moment, captured by Desiree, is how I would like to remember my entire year.

This moment, captured by Desiree, is how I would like to remember my entire year.


It all just hit at once.  Melanie is opening the THIRD Vertical Fusion on August 11th!!  It will be in Boulder, and is insanely exciting.  The new studio will be inside the brand new Apex Gym (a place for parkour/free running).  Of course there will be a grand opening celebration, complete with performances.  I’ve been slacking off on Pole recently (mostly related to so much Dagorhir going on), so this is just the kick in the pants I need to get back to it.  I’m going to do an improv performance.  I think I’ll keep my song a secret, but when it starts playing, no one will be surprised that I chose it.

Then the Fort Collins studio will be celebrating its one year anniversary in September: another opportunity for an improv performance!  And our next big Dickens show is on October 26th.  I have already started choreographing this one.  I’m hoping to make the audience a little bit uncomfortable; it will be an exercise in towing the thin line between “I’m OK with what’s happening right now” and “Oh my god, I don’t want to keep looking.”  Muah ha ha.

My ever-present effort to bring my Dag and Pole worlds together has continued into this summer.  Last weekend, Babydoll celebrated her birthday with a Dag and Pole in the Park party!  All of our Da Juhr Gah fighters came out to teach the polers how to fight, and Diane brought her awesome outdoor pole so that we could show them our stuff as well!  I was pleasantly surprised — and really happy — with the success of the gathering.  We had a good amount of people show up, and some of the ladies really seemed to enjoy the fighting.  Nina was especially aggressive, which makes me think she should keep coming back.  Babydoll got to play with her birthday present: a polka dotted-zebra striped red sword.  She looked awfully cute wielding it.

I guess I’ll keep chugging along.  Keep an eye out for reports on the openings and anniversaries!

This is what happens when you combine fighting Dagorhir and Poling in the park.

This is what happens when you combine fighting Dagorhir and Poling in the park.


From left to right: Zagar, Skadi, Asbeorn, Victor, Ulffer, Mikar, myself, and Wasad in our beautiful Da Juhr Ga camp.

From left to right: Zagar, Skadi, Asbjorn, Victor, Ulffer, Mikar, myself, and Wasad in our beautiful Da Juhr Gah camp. Thanks to Asbjorn for the great Rag pictures!!

I’ve been back home from Ragnarok for a week, and have only just now gotten to the point where I can even consciously be aware of what day it is.  Recovery seems to get longer — and harder — with every year.  And before Ron or Corey chime in with it’s “because I’m getting older” (because of course they’re right), it was also a relatively difficult year.

The first few days were fantastic!  My dear friend, Kiki (Skadi), who recently moved to Pennsylvania, made the 4 hour drive to experience two days of Rag and to visit with us!  It was so great to see her, and I think we might have hooked her into Dagorhir.  The fact that Pole was included may have been an even bigger help.   I’m quite confident we’ll see her next year, and hopefully for the entire week!

Da Juhr Gah in general was great this year.  We had some folks new to Ragnarok join us this year: Victor (who has been running DJG fighting practices for the last year), Asbjorn, and his son, Ullfer, all camped with us this year.  With myself, Mikar, Wasad, and Zagar (all the way from Japan again!), we had a really nice, close-knit group.  We spent a lot of time playing games, and Clog of Dragonhorde planned a wonderfully elaborate game of Dungeons and Dragons for 12 people — complete with gorgeous, hand-made prizes — that kept us busy for a full day.  Mikar completed our camp plumbing system this year as well; we had hot and cold running water (with a filter) in our kitchen area.  The piece de resistance was definitely the shower.  With a propane water heater, huge shower stall with a floor and tarp walls, we all enjoyed hot showers consistently for the first time ever at Rag.

The Poisoners’ Guild party was on Monday night of Ragnarok, and it was easily the best one we’ve thrown in my own personal memory.  Wasad ran a game of his invention, aptly named after our guild.  It was a live action version in which “marks” roamed the party, tracked by “assassins”.  There were four “guilds”: Drink, Violence, Gambling, and Entertainment.  Guild masters had tokens to give out to the assassins.  If an assassin did something that the guild master(s) deemed good enough, the master would hand out a token to that assassin.  Wasad believes in channeling the right person with the right talent for the right job.  So naturally, I was Entertainment Guild Master.  I made SO many people dance on the pole!  Mikar was head of the Gambling Guild; he ran another game of Wasad’s creation, Runes and Bones.  The grand prize winner of the entire game won a travel version of Runes and Bones, and was incredibly excited, as he had just spent the last hour playing it in Mikar’s guild.  Nameless — being our founding Poisoner and head of the entire Poisoners’ Guild — was the Drink Guild Master.  He got pretty creative in how he handed out tokens, and by the end of the game was adding Violence onto the Drink tokens.  Clog and Mog, our resident former football players and Dragonhorde members, were heads of the Violence Guild.  This was appropriate, as they acted as door security for the entire party, are both approximately 6’4″, and weigh I don’t even know how much.  They were pretty generous with their tokens, which resulted in other party goers being able to hand out violence tokens.  My favorite story of the night was of Loki: she would gather up violence tokens, approach another partier, slap him or her across the face, then hand him or her a token.

I’ve noticed a remarkable increase in the interest in Pole dancing at Ragnarok.  People are now coming to our parties to seek it out.  The first year, I had to beg people to try it out, and I got a few hesitant women giving a few moves a try.  As the years have passed, more and more people have been brave enough to try, and a whole lot more men have been giving it a go!  I had more men try it this year than any other year, which was really cool.  I had my pole classes scheduled as well, and the first day of classes (Tuesday), I had two participants who have taken the classes from me before.  It was nice because we could actually build on what they’d already learned, especially because — by doing Dagorhir — they’ve retained their strength.

Then the monsoon hit.

On Tuesday evening, a group of us were walking up the hill (or “upstairs”, as I like to call it) when the pressure changed.  Little rain drops fell for about 10 seconds, and then the sky opened up.  Rain came down in sheets as we all tried to shelter under a small tree.  A camp nearby waved us over to shelter underneath their huge tarps, but no sooner had we run over, then the wind came.  It caught the back of the tarp, knocking it into me, and almost pushed me completely to the ground!  Then the wind switched direction, caught the tarp from the other side, pulled it free, and started sailing it away!  Zagar jumped on the tarp to try and help the group hunker down, just as Mikar, Asbjorn, Wasad, and I looked at each other and realized that horrible things were likely happening in our own — currently unoccupied — camp.  That’s when I ran down a hill — barefoot — faster than I think I’ve ever run.

I’ll spare you the gory details, but to shorten it: one of our tent poles snapped; while Mikar was lashing it back together with leftover plumbing equipment, the sheer volume of water running underneath our tent, coupled with the weight of our belongings, exceeded the tarp’s ability to keep us even remotely watertight.  We had to bail out our tent 4 times over the next day, as rain continued off and on for the remainder of Ragnarok.  Skadi was due back at work on Tuesday afternoon, so she had left that morning.  I am somewhat convinced that the gods of Ragnarok were angered by her departure.

By the next night, we had our belongings clean, (mostly) dry, and our tent re-located to a spot that didn’t serve as the drainage area for all of camp, but that took up a day and a half, so by Wednesday night, we were pretty tired.  So, Ragnarok was a bit more adventuresome than in years past.

On Friday, some of us actually made it up to the field!  So many in our group this year couldn’t fight because of various medical reasons, so battle wasn’t a top priority this year.  But Clog had come close to finishing my awesome armor, so I had to give it a go.  It fits like a corset and he painted it black with the most beautiful and intricate hand tooling of the goddess Baast, Egyptian symbols, the eye of Sauron, the eye of Da Juhr Gah, and the Army of Mordor symbols!  I got stopped five times on the field with people wanting a closer look and to compliment the work.  It was awesome; the whole point of my armor was to make chest shots less painful, so I’d say it’s about the coolest way I could ever hope to achieve that goal.

We spent the remainder of Rag sheltering from the occasional storms, drinking, and playing games.  On Saturday, we spent 15 hours breaking down camp, putting our things in storage, and getting ready to head back towards the airport to crash at a hotel before flying out painfully early Sunday morning.  Dinner on Saturday was pizza at midnight in Ron’s and my hotel room.  Everyone looked about thisclose to death, except for Ullfer, who is only 13 and apparently capable of handling heavy physical exertion.

So, Ragnarok was fun.  But for the first time ever, I was very ready to come home!  My things stay dry here in Colorado, rain moves through quickly, and my house doesn’t flood.  It’s a good thing there’s a full year before the next Rag; that ought to give me enough time to be ready again!

The Final Countdown

So, I have been seriously neglecting my writing, mostly because I’ve been awfully busy preparing for the end of the world.  That is, RAGNAROK!!!  I can’t believe this will be my third Rag while writing this blog.  So much has changed.  Three years ago, I started Pole and blogging at the same time.  Ron got poles set up in the Stagger Inn for that first “pole” Rag.  I had been dancing for about a month.  I did my little spins and half climbs at the party and had a lot of fun doing it.

Then during the second year, we bought a second set of poles (the original set now stored in Colorado for events there).  My skills had soared so much that I was able to teach a Pole series class at Ragnarok.  I built a pole dancing army who danced at the Poisoner’s Guild party, and Mardi Gras later in the week.  This week, we have some pole surprises in store, but my skills have improved even further, and yes: I will be teaching again.  It’s incredibly exciting how BIG it is becoming.

And even more awesome is that I will get to see my very dear friend, Kiki, who moved to Pennsylvania last February to pursue her career as a Physician’s Assistant.  She is about four hours from the Rag site, and she is brave enough to come to Ragnarok for two nights!  It will be so, so wonderful to see her and spend a solid two days with her, PLUS she’ll be there for the Poisoner’s party on Monday night to do some dancing!  It’s shaping up to be a fantastic event.

I’ll come back home in 9 days black and blue, battered from Pole dancing every night, and fighting during the days.  And, once I recover from the extreme lack of sleep, I will be happier, more relaxed, and more ready than ever for events down the road.

Time to shift focus.

I haven’t been talking much about Dagorhir lately, I know.  (For my new readers, Dag is the foam weapon fighting sport of which I am so fond.)  But, come late May, something starts to weigh heavy on my brain.  Because, in late June…RAGNAROK IS COMING!!!!!!!!

Rag is the biggest event for our sport; last year, upwards of 1600 people came from all over the world!  For a week, folks from everywhere converge on a campground in Pennsylvania.  They fight each other in massive battles by day, and drink, dance, and entertain by night.  Can you possibly guess whether I’ll be doing Pole there?  When I first started pole dancing, Ron rigged up the perfect way for me to highlight my new talents.  He erects two poles in the Poisoner’s Guild’s “bar”, a GP Medium tent dubbed “The Stagger Inn”.

Over the last few years, I’ve worked hard to hone my Pole dancing skills (as you know), and I’ve become quite the entertainer-addict.  Therefore, each year I build a slightly larger army of pole dancers during Rag.  I hold a three-class series for men and women  (this year it will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4:30 in the afternoons, by the way!)  My students help to entertain party goers at the Stagger and at other parties throughout the week.  Because — of course — Ron has figured out how to make my poles mobile so they can be moved to other locations.

Since starting this pole dancing “thing” in my Dagorhir world, I’ve been thanked by several people over the years for helping to make Dagorhir and our events a bit more fun.  I’ve had people approach me to see when my classes are.  I’ve been able to see the joy that Pole brings to just about anyone who has the courage to try it out.

I’ve become a better dancer over this last year, so ready or not, Rag: here I come!

A long view of the Stagger Inn. (Poisoner's Guild headquarters).

A long view of the Stagger Inn. (Poisoner’s Guild headquarters).


Oh, it is time!  Glambition is tonight.  Last week was the Gravedigger’s Ball, which was absolutely fantastic.  The Bit of Billiards has already asked us back!  There was quite a crowd.  I loved my routine.  Loved it so much, I decided to do it again tonight for Glambition.  The main reason is that “Feeling Good” isn’t where I want it be just yet.  That routine has potential; HUGE potential.  If I do it now before I feel it’s really “ready”, it’s going to be ruined.  So, stay tuned in the future for “Feeling Good”, but prepare for the sexiness of “The Mission” by Puscifer.  It’s so hot.

A very sexy moment from my Gravedigger’s Ball performance.

My duet with Kris is beyond amazing.  We hit it on the head at dress rehearsal.  I think Mel was misty eyed, but she got even later in the night when her duet with her daughter, Des, made me cry!  I think it’s going to be an emotional show.

Last Saturday, we had a grill out at Thompson Park for Da Jhur’Gah.  It was really fun; Victor put it together and a bunch of us showed up and ate, grilled, fought, talked, and laughed for hours.  It was fantastic.  I think we’ll need to make events like this a regular occurrence.
I hope you can make it out to the Dickens Opera House for Glambition tonight.  Vavoom! was spectacular, and Glambition will touch your heart and stir at your soul.

Shows, shows, shows!

Well, I started writing a new post a couple weeks ago after Oktoberfest (which was an absolute blast and chock full of Pole-sisterly love!)  But life got in the way of me finishing.  No matter: with time comes new news.

Speaking of news, Da Jhur Ga and our little Longmont practices are famous!  Copy and paste this link:

Aimee Heckel (my hero who wrote the initial story that got me into my very first pole class) covered our practice as a Workout of the Week!!  Open the link in Internet Explorer (rather than Firefox) to see the video interview with me!  It was wonderful; she came to our practice on a lovely, sunny Saturday afternoon and fought with me, Mikar, Wasad, and our Da Jhur Ga friends.  She was so into it; she garbed up (from Wasad’s ample supply) and swung a blue to the best of her ability.  She ran around and even participated in a game of Zombies.  Wow!  I was so impressed with her; and I absolutely love the story.  It really explains what Dagorhir fighting is; I think it gave us some great publicity.

We have MAJOR events coming up and I have been working, rehearsing, eating, and sleeping (and basically nothing else) for the last couple of weeks.  Next Saturday (the 27th), we’re performing at a Halloween party at Bit of Billiards, a cool bar in Longmont.  I’m doing a solo to “The Mission” by Maynard’s (of Tool fame) pet project, Puscifer.  It’s hot.  Really hot.  My shoes are absolutely insane and there’s a whip involved.  Heh heh heh.  Oh, and I’m dressing as what I’ve been calling a Fetish Vampire; do with that what you will.

Then, on November 3rd (a mere seven days later…eeeep), is Glambition, the Ultimate Pole Dancing Experience, at the Dickens again!  Oh man, that’s exciting, and a little terrifying.  I’m doing a solo to “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble.  It’s a burlesque/pole combo, and it’s sexy as hell.  I put the kabash on “Bad to the Bone” because I just wasn’t feeling it in the dance.  I loved it in my head, but it wasn’t translating quite right.  It felt forced and awkward.  I want to feel beautiful and sexy, so I went with this.

As I made that decision, the lovely Kris approached me about doing a duet at Glambition as well.  We’re doing ours to “Love the Way you Lie” by Eminem, featuring Rihanna.  It’s becoming amazing and extremely intense.  We’re trying to translate the — sometimes disturbing — lyrics into a beautiful show for those attending.  I think it’s really going to move people.

Remember how I told you I’d link up my Vavoom! performance?  Yeah…fail.  But, (late and not never), here it is!  Copy and paste, then scroll down to “Beyond the Sea by Kevin Spacey, Performer: Baast InBlack”.  Enjoy!

And, remember how I told you about Iman Woods taking spectacular shots of us at our Glambition shoot?  Well, guess who made her way onto a promotional flyer?!  Crazy, right?  I’ll leave you with that.  It’s going to be a hell of a show.  If you missed Vavoom! you won’t want to miss Glambition.  And if you were at Vavoom!, you know Glambition’s the only place to be!