Meet Megan

I am a Registered Dietitian, and consult in K-12 nutrition.  I am also a certified personal fitness trainer and group fitness instructor.  I am married to Ron and we have been together for more than 15 years (married for six.)

My two favorite hobbies are a little off-the-wall.  The focus of this blog is my learning how to pole dance.  It’s a major physical challenge, a ton of fun, and a great party trick!  Ron is pretty supportive.  Imagine that!  Watch for pictures and updates as I learn and try to get halfway decent at this.

My other hobby is a sport called Dagorhir.  Dagorhir is full-contact foam weapon fighting.  I fight with a one handed sword and a giant shield.  I am often on a field with 10 men to every one woman, so being strong, fast, and able is absolutely key to not getting knocked unconscious.  Ron and I both participate in Dagorhir and have made a lot of amazing friends in the process.  Watch for updates and pictures to learn more about this sport.

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