Sometimes life interferes with dance

VF Halloween 2014 Hello Boys

I have NOT been on the pole nearly as often as I want to be lately.  I am teaching my fitness classes and switching off Art of Sensual Movement with Mel every other week at our Boulder location, but for the most part, that’s it right now.

I blame October.  It’s been a devastatingly busy month for us.  Every weekend has been packed full; granted, mostly it’s been fun things, but I have been losing sleep pretty consistently!  And most weeknights have several things going on.  It’s not just Pole that’s suffered, either.  I haven’t been able to keep up with my yoga practices.  And that sort of leads to a spiral of flexibility devastation, thereby lowering my drive to find time to pole.  The good new is this is the last booked weekend for a while, so maybe soon I will be able to parcel together some kind of a routine again!

Vertical Fusion had an October showcase in Boulder last week, though.  I elected to perform, but did an improvised dance.  I have found that as my dancing gets better, improv is my favorite way to perform.  Improvised routines also tend to be some of my best ones, which is kind of amusing.  I took full advantage of the Halloween theme and picked a creepy/sexy song by Puscifer (my favorite artist to dance to at this time of year).  I wore several different layers and my bright red Pleasers.  Most of the layers came off, exposing spiderweb pasties!  What fun.  I felt extremely satisfied with my routine.  I was also emceeing the show, and that led to some distraction; so much, that I forgot to hand off my phone to Chelsea to film me as we’d discussed before the show started!  BOO!  So, it felt awesome, but I’ll never get to see it.  Oh well…there were some great pictures captured by Desiree Galvez, at least.

VF Halloween 2014 Hero

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