Forced out of my 90s music

So, I admit: it’s not that I don’t LIKE new music.  It’s just that I’m rarely exposed to it.  I guess that when I say “new”, I really mean “popular”, because I do listen to the radio, and some of my absolute favorite stuff to listen to has come out in the last 5 years or so.

So, I admit: it’s not that I don’t LIKE popular music.  It’s that I don’t know where to go to find it.  This has only very recently become an issue.  Before, when I was just listening to music to motivate me while working out or cleaning my house — as well as teaching only Fit 4 Pole — Green Day, Mumford and Sons, Gin Wigmore, Dubstep, the Offspring, Tori Amos,  and Florence and the Machine were fine.  JUST FINE!

And I can say I’ve come a really long way from when I was teaching community fitness classes at the recreation center.  Those playlists consisted mostly of music I’d ripped off of all the CDs I bought back in the 90s.  I’ve struggled to let the 90s go, truly, but that’s another story.  Anyhoo…

They go on forever and ever and ever.

Oh my god, so do these!

Then I started teaching the Art of Sensual Movement.  I have some sexy/sensual music, but I’m starting to think that what I find sexy isn’t really how most people would classify, say, Type-O-Negative, ZZ Ward, Puscifer, and Alt-J.

The problem continues; I’ve been listening to Pandora for about 5 years now.  It’s been fantastic for discovering new artists that are similar to the artists I already like!  It’s how I found A Fine Frenzy, Adele, Bar 9, Gemini, and Nero.  But once again: similar to what I already liked.

So, how do I find things completely outside of my own realm of existence?  I was lamenting this problem to Shay, and she suggested Spotify.  For the first time, I can listen to pre-made playlists of types of music and try to see what fits into the style I actually want.  I’ve already found a lot of new songs that will elevate my AoSM playlist.  It’s been nice to step away from the familiar music I tend to get stuck with to try — and listen to — new things.

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