Simply Irresistible and Elevated Art

I promised I’d be back!  Enjoy two posts two days in a row.  Because it’ll probably never happen again.  I admire my peers who can do such things.  I’m not one of them.  Vivienne, on the other hand, is:

This lovely, fancy brat updates her entertaining blog almost daily.  SOMEONE knows how to prioritize.

This lovely, fancy brat updates her entertaining blog almost daily. SOMEONE knows how to prioritize.

Please visit my friend’s hilarious blog, “Vivienne’s Process of Elimination” for a good hearty look into her daily life, and to get a few laughs.  I like it because she cusses a lot.  And because I don’t have to wait a month and a half for new content:

Now, onward to Elevated Art.  As I said, I completed my submission video, hurting my calf in the process.  Two days later, I sprained my opposite ankle.  By that point I was kind of like, “Fuck it.  If I don’t get into Elevated Art, I’ll freakin’ live.”  Then I got this message in my email:

You have been selected as one of the performers for Elevated Art: A Rocky Mountain Pole Show!
HA!  Apparently being all negative about something and not holding onto those good positive thoughts sometimes — SOMETIMES — gets results.  You can look forward to seeing me on the stage of the Oriental Theater in Denver on March 22nd.  I’m not sure I’m allowed to broadcast my song pick, but I assure you: it’s gonna be pretty awesome, and crazy fun.  Five and a half inch heels, Flying Cupid, Marley, and all.  And I’ll definitely be incorporating some fancy moves I’ve been picking up teaching the Art of Sensual Movement class.  And you can fully expect to see some twerking; I live by the philosophy that you should always do what you’re good at.
These heels.

These heels.

Even cooler: I’m one of SIX Vertical Fusion instructors to be accepted!  Which is both amazing and absolutely terrifying.  Let’s just say I’ll be sharing the stage with some serious talent (including the Masters and Champion winners of the Colorado Pole Championship).  My fancy tricks will pale in comparison to theirs, so I’m going to lean on my strengths, which are stage presence and musicality.  Let’s hope it’s enough!
Now onto Simply Irresistible.  Last Saturday, VF held its first all-burlesque show at the Dicken’s!  I LOVE burlesque.  As far as being good at something, I definitely excel at burlesque where I lack in pole.  I can put on a good show, fancy tricks or not.  I am tremendously pleased with my performance.  I had to do a last minute costume switcharoo because of my stupid ankle.  Originally, I was going to perform in spiked heels.  See yesterday’s list of complaints about why that would have been a bad idea.  I was able to find some great boots instead, though.  They supported my ankle much better than regular ol’ heels, and fit with my costume and song (thank goodness).
The show was a hit, even with higher ticket prices and sitting room only.  The crowd got into the performances, and by the end of the night, was expert at hooting, hollering, and cheering in all the right places.  I love being a part of something where celebrating sexiness, originality, and realism is valued.  What a great way to make everyone feel like a bombshell.

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