2014’s Start

Oh, I’ve been in technology darkness for much longer than I either calculated or intended.  Many apologies.  Part of the reason for my utter blog neglect has been changes in my Pole world, as well as preparation for events taking more time than usual.  Additionally, my birthday and my brother’s birthday both fall in January, which means more family time; family time is not conducive to blog updates.  Finally, I hurt myself.  Twice.  In one week.  Cripplingly so (albeit, temporarily).

Birthdays and family time are important. Enjoy this old picture of me on the left, Mom, my little brother Austin, Aunt Janine, Uncle Doug, cousin John. Circa, oh, probably 1991.

Birthdays and family time are important. Enjoy this old picture of me on the left, Mom, my little brother Austin, Aunt Janine, Uncle Doug, cousin John. Circa, oh, probably 1991.  By the way: that is NON-alcoholic beer my brother is drinking. He liked it better than soda when we were growing up.

I’d been working hard on my submission to Nina’s show, Elevated Art, at the Oriental Theater.  The show is on March 22nd.  Twenty five performers would be accepted, and everyone had to submit a video of their rough-draft performance.  I choreographed in my head and in the studio, worked on costuming, and got prepared to film.  Ron and I arrived at the Longmont VF on Martin Luther King Day.  I ran through my full routine twice.  The routine included a fall into Flying Cupid, then into Marley on spin pole.  During one of the run-throughs, I felt a little tug and pop near the back of my right knee, but didn’t think much of it.  We filmed my submission 3 different times, trying to get the perfect angle.  I did all of my tricks for every run through (5 in all, including the first practice runs), not sure which of the videos would end up being submitted.  On top of that, I did this all in 5 1/2 inch heels.  We got a run through of which I was proud, and for which the angle was appropriate.  I thought I could wash my hands of the whole business and put Elevated Art on hold in my mind until submissions were actually due and we all heard whether we’d be asked to perform or not.

And then I woke up the next morning.  I could barely walk!  The pain behind my knee (which I later pinpointed to the top part of my right calf, on the outside part of my leg) was in absolute agony!  I limped through my house, trying to work out the knots.  Finally, I was able to walk relatively normally, but I still couldn’t squat down or sit on my knees without heavy pain shooting down my leg.  Note to self: do fall into Flying Cupid twice MAX in a day, and be more careful with it!  Now a month later, that injury is almost back to normal.  I can squat again, and sit on my knees gently (Child’s Pose in yoga no longer makes me want to cry), so that’s great news.

There's Marley.  After falling into Flying Cupid.  Do it five times in a night, hear a pop, and magically you won't be able to walk the next day!

There’s Marley. After falling into Flying Cupid. Do it five times in a night, hear a pop, and magically you won’t be able to walk the next day!

Two days after the calf injury, I taught the Art of Sensual Movement.  More big news there; I got another class that I absolutely ADORE teaching!  It’s all of the sexy and fun aspects of floor, chair, and pole dance that I love, and I get to teach other people how to do it all.  I’m completely hooked.  Anyway, I taught my class, and then stayed for Kris’ Mixed Levels afterwards.  I was the only one in the class, so I asked her if we could focus hard on my Extended Butterfly, as it’s a trick that has been eluding me forever.  I know I have the strength and the ability, but I just couldn’t get myself into the position quite right.  Here’s Jenyne Butterfly performing said move:

I put down the crash mat to feel as safe as possible (anxiety is usually what holds me back, not my ability), and we went to work.  Kris gave me AMAZING help to get this trick; she watched me botch it and struggle a few times before she realized the cues I needed to get me into the trick once I was upside down.

As a side note: once I go upside down, I have no idea where any of my body parts are.  It’s so bad that, if I’m on the ground and someone is explaining to me, “OK, once you’re up there, you’ll want to take your right leg and…”, I will slap my right leg hard so that it stings.  Then, when I’m trying to get into the move, I don’t need to think about right or left.  I only need to move the leg that now hurts because I slapped it. Kris figured out my disorientation and gave me this cue: “Smell the armpit of the arm you can see when you’re upside down.”  That was all I needed.  I know it’s more than ridiculous, but it worked.  I FINALLY achieved Extended Butterfly, which is pretty damn exciting.

I should have left it at that and been happy that I got it.  But no…I wanted a picture.  I asked Kris to film/photograph me as I went into EB one last time.  I didn’t move the crash mat.  I didn’t move that stupid, gigantic crash mat.  And when I came down from not quite hitting EB again, my long legs extended past the edge of the mat and I rolled my left ankle at a nasty angle to the floor.

Here’s an anatomy lesson, thanks to healthcentral.com.

I haven’t sprained an ankle since I was a kid, and I’m fairly certain I’ve never sprained one quite this badly.  Welcome to the disgusting, dark irony of pole dance injuries: try to be safe, hurt yourself worse.  It’s been 3 1/2 weeks, and it’s still messed up.  Granted, it’s improving, though not nearly at the speed I would prefer.  Having a sprained ankle complicates a lot of things, all of which I’m going to list, because sometimes bitching about a problem is therapeutic:

1) Art of Sensual Movement is a heels-wearing class.  It’s all about being sexy, and heels make that happen.  I’m not silly enough to try and dance in heels with a sprained ankle.  That’s a piss-poor idea, and simply a way to mess it up even worse.  So, being that AoSM is a co-ed sensual dance class, I am now surrounded by beautiful women wearing heels.  I am also surrounded by men wearing heels and clacking them on the floor, and I have to miss out.

2) Not only am I a dancer, I am also a runner and a weight lifter.  Running on a sprained ankle is also unwise.  This has banished me to the elliptical.  I’m going to put this out there right now: THE ELLIPTICAL CAN SUCK MY ASS.  Never have I been so bored so consistently with my workouts.

3) Getting outside for a therapeutic walk (or run) is now more complicated.  For those of you who don’t live in Colorado, let me give you the lowdown on our weather situation here.  Week 1: a foot of snow and negative 10 temperatures.  Week 2: 6 inches of ice and 10 degree temperatures.  Week 3: a consistent layer of slippery slush and 50 degree temperatures.  If I didn’t already HAVE a weak ankle, I’d still be in danger of earning one.

  Not good for protecting messed up ankles.

I guess three things is enough.  There are plenty of other small, nagging issues with having a sprained ankle, but I think this post is already getting pretty long.  So I’ll save you the despair.  I’m going to cut it short, but tomorrow, I will share the good news!  Come back and read about Simply Irresistible and the Elevated Art results!

2 thoughts on “2014’s Start

  1. Fair play for pushing on through what could have been muscle or tendon damage in your routine too! I’ve only had one bad pole problem which was damage to my right wrist falling down on it from an ayesha crab – wasn’t ready for it! – and it kept me off the pole for months, mainly because I was psychologically scarred! It’s so much scarier learning things this time round which makes you feel so discouraged!
    I’m the same as you about losing barings when upside down! Funny how it blows your mind like that!

  2. Ouchie on the Ayesha wrist sprain! That’s a doozie, alright. It is scary to get back on, but the sooner you do, the better you feel. I hurt my elbow falling out of Butterfly once, and it took me a long time to try that move again.

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