Quiet choreography

On December 20th, VF is partnering with Cupcake Cabaret in Fort Collins for a fun holiday show.  I volunteered to perform, thinking I’d either A) get some major choreography inspiration, or B) freestyle again.  I’m pleased to say it’s A!  It’s not often that I feel such real and sudden inspiration as I have for this performance.  Up until today, I’d only run through the routine in my head (again and again, on repeat on my iPod while at the gym or out walking.)  After Fit 4 Pole today, I decided to see if my imagination was realistic enough for my body.

It came out good.  Really good.  I’m not cementing any of it in, because sometimes in the moment of performing, I’m moved to do something a little different, but just about everything I pictured in my imagination came to fruition, including two tricks I’ve never put in a performance because I’ve historically been sketchy about hitting them.

Speaking of which, I love when I re-visit a trick that used to be a pain in my ass and find that now — Poof! — it’s easy.  And pretty.  And fulfilling.  I should do this more often!

VF reherasal first Feeling Good

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