Holiday time update

I love when I’m off of work for a week at a time (one of the major perks of working for the school district.)  I got to participate in SO many classes during my week off for Thanksgiving, and I’m already planning what I might do over the winter break.

I tried Mel’s Smolder class on Tuesday night at the Boulder studio.  Oh man: it was even more fun than I expected, and it was a tremendous workout!  I was sweaty and exhausted.  Twerking, chair dancing, and hair tossing in 6-inch heels take a lot of energy. 

On Wednesday, I went to Mel’s mixed levels, which quickly became a Thanksgiving-themed pole affair during which we gobbled like turkeys, and lurched around pretending to be extra full.  The highlights were the mirror game, where two people danced on the front poles, with two others on poles behind them, trying to copy what they were doing.  Having two guys (Kyle and John) in the class, made things even more fun and interesting.  They were definitely expected to pull out the sexy in order to follow the ladies leading the way!  Good thing they’re such great sports.  Then we played charades on the pole.  Mostly, we tried to act out movies while spinning incessantly in spin mode.  Even more mostly, we laughed our asses off.  There was prop use as well, and charades culminated with Mel riding a carpet square like Jasmine from the movie “Aladdin”. 

On Thanksgiving morning, Kris, Jenny, and I donated classes at Fort Collins and Boulder as a way to show how thankful we are for all of the wonderful Vertical Fusion clients.  I held a Fit-4-Pole class that had an amazing turnout: nine participants!  I got an adrenaline rush from teaching so many people at a time; what fun.  I think there were some sore legs, shoulders, and booties the next day.  Kris’ mixed levels class immediately followed F4P, and she had us work on some cool partner spins, moves, and poses.  We also did turkey headstands, and I have shamelessly used Kris’ posted photograph of the experience, which I stole from Facebook.  My favorite part of the morning was when we were doing a song blast of crunches (i.e.: crunches for an entire random song that jumps up on my playlist) during F4P.  The song was “Shake it Out” by Florence + the Machine.  Kris started gobbling during the particularly waily parts of the song, and pretty soon we all joined in, gobbling away the pain in our abs on our quest to a happier, healthier Thanksgiving.

Gobble, gobble!  Thanks Kris!

Gobble, gobble! Thanks Kris!

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