Vertical Fusion Love

There was a huge outpouring of emotion (and wine) at a VF instructor’s home last weekend.  I think the wine (oh, and the Lime Rickeys) probably fueled the emotion, but it was gonna come out anyway, so who cares?

Thanks for capturing so many silly, fun moments, Maya!

Thanks for capturing so many silly, fun moments, Maya!

Mel threw a VF staff appreciation party, complete with fantastic food, desserts, massages (thanks again, Corey!), and the aforementioned booze.  She also created an extremely touching video to thank us, and I suspect she did that partially so she would be able to cry in peace for a little while during the evening, instead of trying to talk AND cry.

I cried.  Vertical Fusion has come so far, it’s almost unbelievable.  I see how it stretches Mel thin with the work and the tasks piling up, even with the help she has.  It makes me understand how much she must love it to push so far, so fast.  Sometimes I feel like I could NEVER do enough to thank her, and then she goes and throws a party to thank all of us!

We also did an activity where each staff member got poster paper.  Everyone wrote messages on each person’s poster, and Nina took great pictures of each of us on the pole, being held up by everyone else.  The best way to deal with something like this (once it’s done and I receive it), is to lock myself away to read it so that I can cry without abandon all by myself.  Yeah…if the others wrote messages anything like what I wrote, that’s definitely going to happen.

On a progress note (I know…surprising), I had a successful round of classes this week!  I was joking with Mel on Wednesday before we got started that I keep getting frustrated with how stagnant I’ve become.  No new tricks in a while, no inspiration for routines (even though I have 4 scheduled performances coming up in 3 months if you count the submission video for Nina’s show), etc, etc.  Then (I says to Mel, I says), “I guess I should be taking classes if I hope to get anywhere.”  I know that it’s surprising, but you have to take some time to LEARN the damn skill that you want to perfect!  I’ve been so bad about getting to classes!  There is a schedule challenge, but come ON, Megan!  Work around it where you can.

Luckily, it was my night to shine.  For Intermediate and Advanced Combos, I was the only participant.  So, Mel busted out her set-up for Fab Pole (Pole combined with silk dancing.  SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!)  Otherwise known as the “prettiest thing ever”.  I learned some basic binds and got a feel for balancing the silk with the pole.  It was awesome.  Some moves are way easier with the silks (such as Extended Butterfly), but mostly the silk just makes Pole that much more beautiful and graceful.  We had a LOT of fun experimenting (Mel’s just starting to learn herself).  I was very sore the next day, and I’d collected a few “silk burns”, because — unlike in pole — you can’t simply drop yourself into a position further down the pole.  You have to ease into it.  Unfortunately I learned that the hard way.

After that there was a mixed levels class (people showed up to it) where we worked Remi Sit and Handsprings.  For once I was the star pupil with Remi Sit, as I already have that one, and because the behind-the-knee grips don’t bother me much anymore.IMG_1362But Handspring?  I want it SO BAD.  It’s not only quite advanced, it’s a stepping stone to countless tricks down the road that I want. 


So, I got it, if only for a microsecond.  Mel held me up a couple of times, but the balance and the scrunching finally clicked for me that night.  It’s a move for which I definitely have the strength, but lack the body awareness to get into it easily.  No more!  Now I can’t WAIT to work it again. (Thanks to for the image above.  I wish I could say that was me, but it’s not.)  I guess Ron and I had better get our new 45 mm pole up.

In the meantime, I need to dedicate some serious work to a mixed studio show on December 20th that we’re doing with the Cupcake Caberet in FoCo.  Also need to nail down a damn song to submit a routine for Nina’s show (due in January).  Then I can start thinking about my burlesque numbers for the Feb. show with Haute Pink Minx.  Good thing I LOVE dancing so much!

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