Attitude is Everything.

Here's Flag during my VF Boulder opening performance. That one took some practice!

Here’s Flag during my VF Boulder opening performance. That one took some practice!

It’s been so long since my last post, and it’s not just because I’ve been busy or doing a lot of things at once.  It’s mostly because I’ve been working hard at rediscovering myself, my joy, and what makes me happy in life.  Ron and I have started doing yoga together, and it has done so much for my attitude and my happiness level.   Being able to focus more on my own needs, as well as the needs of the people I love, has brought me a certain brand of serenity that I’ve never experienced at this level.  I hope that I can continue on this path; I believe that attitude is everything, and I’m working at keeping mine positive.

For Pole, this has meant focusing ever more on — and embracing fully — my strengths.  And isn’t it funny?  As soon as I started doing that, I started getting stronger and achieving ever more in Pole.  It was clearly my own mental wall holding me back, providing yet more proof that attitude is everything.

To glimpse where this new mantra has taken me, go to to see my improvised performance at Vertical Fusion Boulder’s grand opening!  I am very proud of this piece; I put some thought into it, but no choreography.  I’m working on sanding out rough spots in my dance, so am getting better and better at “faking it until I make it”, meaning that things might not always go the way I’d hoped or planned, but damn it: they’re gonna look cool anyway!  Please check it out; it’s a fun one.

Vertical Fusion Fort Collins will be celebrating its one year anniversary on September 13th!  In 18 months, Melanie (also known as Super-est Woman) opened three studios.  We’ve celebrated a year for Longmont as well; I think the Boulder one year will come very, very quickly, if Mel’s work ethic is any indication.  Boulder VF is housed inside the Apex Movement gym in Boulder (a veritable parkour wonderland), so we are really taking an acrobatic pole (Acro-Pole) approach with that location.  There are classes there with more men than women; how cool is that?!  For the FoCo anniversary, I am going to do another improvised performance, but I’m taking a more difficult track: I’ll be performing to a song, and with a style that is completely opposite from what I normally do!  I think it will be a fun challenge, but hopefully won’t lead to a bored audience.

Work is really getting underway for our next Dickens showcase, too: Nightmare on Pole Street, on October 26th.  It’s going to blow everyone away (as usual), mostly because our showcases keep getting better and better.  I am thinking hard on my piece, which will be to Lana del Ray’s “Cola”.  It’s a pretty song with disturbing lyrics which I plan on reflecting in my dance.  There will be points during my performance where the audience should feel uncomfortable, because I really plan on pushing limits.

Finally, AMAZING news!!  VF’s Ken (the first man at our studio to really embrace Pole), competed at the Pole Expo in Las Vegas last night.  Not only did he WIN second place, he got the People’s Choice award for the loudest cheering during his performance!  And, to top it all off, Natasha Wang (a HUGE Pole celebrity) linked to Ken’s Facebook page and praised him, saying “I’ve never even heard of him before!”  So, so cool.

Also, our own Nina is organizing the very first Colorado pole competition: the Colorado Pole Championship on September 21st!  This is a huge deal, and she has been gathering celebrity judges and endorsements left and right.  Ken will be competing again, as will Melanie (her very first competition!!!!)  This is all extremely exciting.  Ron and I already have our VIP tickets purchased, because we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

One thought on “Attitude is Everything.

  1. Oh my goodness! I made a mistake in this post: Ken is not competing at the Colorado Pole Championship!!! He will indeed be doing a guest performance, though! As long as I get to see him on the big stage, I’ll be happy.

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