Time to shift focus.

I haven’t been talking much about Dagorhir lately, I know.  (For my new readers, Dag is the foam weapon fighting sport of which I am so fond.)  But, come late May, something starts to weigh heavy on my brain.  Because, in late June…RAGNAROK IS COMING!!!!!!!!

Rag is the biggest event for our sport; last year, upwards of 1600 people came from all over the world!  For a week, folks from everywhere converge on a campground in Pennsylvania.  They fight each other in massive battles by day, and drink, dance, and entertain by night.  Can you possibly guess whether I’ll be doing Pole there?  When I first started pole dancing, Ron rigged up the perfect way for me to highlight my new talents.  He erects two poles in the Poisoner’s Guild’s “bar”, a GP Medium tent dubbed “The Stagger Inn”.

Over the last few years, I’ve worked hard to hone my Pole dancing skills (as you know), and I’ve become quite the entertainer-addict.  Therefore, each year I build a slightly larger army of pole dancers during Rag.  I hold a three-class series for men and women  (this year it will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4:30 in the afternoons, by the way!)  My students help to entertain party goers at the Stagger and at other parties throughout the week.  Because — of course — Ron has figured out how to make my poles mobile so they can be moved to other locations.

Since starting this pole dancing “thing” in my Dagorhir world, I’ve been thanked by several people over the years for helping to make Dagorhir and our events a bit more fun.  I’ve had people approach me to see when my classes are.  I’ve been able to see the joy that Pole brings to just about anyone who has the courage to try it out.

I’ve become a better dancer over this last year, so ready or not, Rag: here I come!

A long view of the Stagger Inn. (Poisoner's Guild headquarters).

A long view of the Stagger Inn. (Poisoner’s Guild headquarters).

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