Cirque de Radience

Our professionally constructed trusses. Thank you for the pic, Jenny!

Our professionally constructed trusses. Thank you for the pic, Jenny!

There’s this thing about all the people with whom I Pole dance: they keep getting better.  All of our shows have been beautiful, phenomenal, mind blowing.  But Cirque topped them all.  First, we had trusses (see Jenny’s picture above), which lent an air of professionalism to the whole thing.  The black lights illuminated spots on the poles and reminded me of real and true pole competition stages.  I was talking to Ken before we started, and I told him that I was almost intimidated to go up there; it was so breathtaking that I kind of felt like I didn’t belong!

There were so many first-time performers, and I was so, SO proud of them!  Getting up on any stage for your first Pole piece takes a good deal of courage, but on a stage like that, in a show with such a huge build-up, must have taken major guts.  You ladies rocked it!  We also had a — basically — physically impossible show from Ken.  Thank goodness he was directly before intermission in the line up, because no one wanted to follow his performance.  We also had a truly touching performance from Bob, who has been dancing with VF since January.  I was moved to tears my his piece, which told a story of the journey he’s taking amongst hockey, ballet dancing, and Pole.

Our own Sarah came up from Texas to perform, too!  She and I started dancing at about the same time in Boulder, and I’ve watched in utter awe as she’s rocketed to competition form.  (She’s competing for the first time in June, as a matter of fact!)  It was such a treat to see her dance again.

Everyone else in between was wonderful.  Mel dedicated her piece to her youngest daughter; she was decked out in full mermaid attire, and Kri painted Mel’s whole body in black light reactive body paint.  Melanie always blows my mind, but I think this was a step above, even for her.

I was pretty pleased with my performance, too!  It was beastly hot in there, so the static pole got a little slick on me.  I missed about three tricks, but was told by numerous people that they couldn’t tell.  Hey, whatever works!  Norell gave me an amazing compliment afterwards: she said I don’t even need to touch the poles to give a great performance.  Pretty awesome.  Thank you so much, Norell.  Click this link to see my performance:

I also need to thank Kris; she did a cameo in my piece that really made it something special.  She performed two numbers before me, ran backstage, decked herself in full 80s video goddess attire, then got up onstage with me!  I am lucky to have a friend like her.  Thanks to Ron, for running around for Mel and Diane at the start of the show, for filming my performance, and then editing it for me!  Thanks to my fantastic friends who came out to watch and show support.

I love you all, and I’ll see you at VF!

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