Already thinking up the new showcase.

My ending pose for "Kickstarts". Thanks to Desiree Galvez photography!

My ending pose for “Kickstarts”. Thanks to Desiree Galvez photography!

I must admit: I’m still in the post-showcase Pole blahs.  But good news: the Cupid’s Revue DVDs are ready, so as soon as the videos get up online, I’ll link to them!  You’ll be able to see my and Ron’s duet and my solo with quite a bit more clarity.Our lovely dip during rehearsal. I think this is my favorite picture of our duet.

There are so many exciting things coming up for Vertical Fusion.  First, next weekend is our one year anniversary party!  It feels like this first year with the studio has gone simultaneously fast and incredibly slow.  Melanie went from holding classes for her friends in her basement last January, to opening the Longmont studio in March, to opening the Fort Collins studio in September, to moving to our new (gorgeous!) Longmont location in October!  She has built a veritable army of Pole devotees, both men and women, dedicated to the amazingly freeing art of pole.  I am SO honored to have been a part of it.

To celebrate, Mel is throwing a party at the Longmont studio next Friday.  There will be a showcase (naturally!) with a twist.  Most of the performers will be doing true improvisation pieces.  True, meaning that they won’t even know which songs they’re performing to until they’re up onstage.  Did you really think yours truly would miss an opportunity to perform, even if it is a little nerve-wracking?  Truth is, I LOVE improv; free dancing is always my favorite part of class.  The biggest issue I run into is literally forgetting what tricks I know!  I hate to always default to the same things, but I might as well expect it.  I think that what matters more in an improv performance is if you can sell the fact that you’re having fun, and you can string your piece together relatively seamlessly.  That means working in a lot of body waves and sexy crawls!  Speaking of…I really hope I get a sexy styled song, as that’s what I can pull out with the least effort.  Come on universe, pull through for me!!

The theme for our next showcase is neon and black lights!  It will be in either May or June (date is still being decided), and I already know the song I want to do.  I’m returning to one of the songs I tried to do in the past, to no avail: “Bad to the Bone” by George Thoroughgood.  I’m going into choreographing mode the same way I did with “Kickstarts” for Cupid’s Revue.  I have a few moves/moments that I know are going to happen peppered throughout the song, and the rest will be blank for now.  I might learn the best trick in the entire world between now and the show, so why would I settle myself into a routine that might seem boring and static in two to three months?  I have found this also helps to take some of the pressure off of preparing.  I think I’m starting to get excited about Pole again; it’s an ebb and a flow, and I’ve found that after a showcase, my brain needs a little break from choreography and the rest.  But it’s ramping up again, so I guess I’m getting back into the flow.A gorgeous Daphne during rehearsal. Nina once told me that my Daphne was really pretty so I decided to finally use it in a performance.

One thought on “Already thinking up the new showcase.

  1. I am also planning for the blacklight show already! I have spent the last week obsessively listening to music, and while I have a couple of options, I can’t decide on anything. On one side I want to push myself out of my comfort zone by doing something uptempo, but at the same time I’m afraid that I’ll fail at it, since I really, really, really prefer slow dancing. So we’ll see what happens – either way I am super excited to perform at Dickens again! (Still beating myself up about missing the last one;)

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