Mojo? Back in business.

Awww…stagnation happens in Pole, and the longer it goes, the more satisfying it is when it FINALLY dries up.  I think I’m getting back into the swing of things.  I tested  to try and move up to Advanced Level 1.  I’m short by two things: three full pull-ups in a row, and Flag.  To be fair, I didn’t know Flag was on the test; I hadn’t checked the curriculum in a while!  I’ll get it soon enough.  Pull-ups?  I’m close; shouldn’t take long.  But that means I’ve conquered all the other far more technically difficult tricks in the Intermediate level, and I’ve been working on some tricks outside of that level, too.

I also got my Superman last week!  That’s huge; this has been a really rough trick for me.  Part of it is the length of my legs; It takes more strength and effort to flip my body from right-side-up and parallel to the floor to upside-down and parallel to the floor.  Visit this link to see Superman (it’s the pose she ends up in.)

Melanie also introduced Kris and I to some Chinese-pole style moves recently.  They’re so different from what I’m used to because the bottoms of our feet are on the pole.  That is typically such a no-no, so it’s super novel.  Plus, they look pretty impressive!

Thanks Desiree Galvez for this amazing shot of our duet.

I’m already thinking about the next showcase on February 9th!  There will of course be gorgeous pictures, and much talk leading up to it (because it’s really not that far off…)  I’m getting ambitious already; I will keep my plans under my hat for now, because after the last showcase I learned that sometimes my best plans end up getting split in half and then I go in a totally different direction.  I have a lot of work to do in order to even cement whether I’ll be performing the way I am currently thinking!

In another area of the pole world, Kris (of “Love the Way You Lie” duet fame) and I are starting a health-focused blog with Vertical Fusion!  It’s so perfect; I give food, nutrition, exercise advice, and she focuses on stress management and mental well-being.  We realized how very well we work together (and we both like to write), so it seemed a natural progression.  Aimee Heckel is managing it!  I swear…I sometimes have to look back at life 18 months ago and pinch myself.  Back then I only dreamed of dancing again.  I never imagined I would have such an amazing, solid group of girlfriends.  And I never thought I would be working closely with my favorite local writer!  Holy crap.

Speaking of all of that: Thanksgiving is today.  So Happy Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for Ron and my family, both on the pole and off.

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