The generosity of these ladies…

I am feeling incredibly lucky these days.  In my group of Pole Sisters I have found the most kind-hearted and generous women I could have ever hoped to meet.  Case in point: a friend of Ron’s is suffering from a congenital disease that is destroying his liver.  He desperately needs a live donor to give a part of theirs up so that he can live into old age.  Neither Ron nor I match his blood type.

I was feeling particularly distressed about this situation a couple of weeks ago; I felt helpless and powerless to do anything for this man.  I wanted to do anything possible to ensure some chance at life for him.  So I sent out a plea on our private Vertical Fusion email list.  I asked for anyone matching his blood type who might be interested in just learning more to step forward.  I was bowled over by the response.  So many of my sisters spoke up to say that they would either check into their blood types, knew they weren’t his blood type but would donate in a heart beat if they were, or even to inquire further into setting up doctor appointments.

I am keeping people’s identities private for numerous reasons, but one sister who matched spent unknown hours researching liver donation risks to learn more.  She spoke with Ron’s friend by email to get to know him better, and to hash out details of beginning the process.

Alas, there are very strict rules surrounding liver donation, and one of those is that the donor must have a very close relationship with the recipient, so she was not able to continue in the process.  But the heartfelt determination that sent her down that path is touching beyond words.  The kindness that erupted from everyone in this situation was touching beyond words.  There are so many reasons I do Pole, but some are so deep and so special, that I am just beginning to learn about them.

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