I am impressed beyond words.

Glambition was a huge success.  There was a solid crowd and every performer killed it last night.  From Sarah’s outstanding burlesque number to Melanie and Des’s beautiful mother/daughter duet, to Roxy Star’s fetish fantasy, it was a non-stop ride!  Ron was kind to film my duet with Kris and my own solo in HD.

Kris and I during rehearsal in the Double Stargazer.

I want to shout out to Kris especially: wow.  Working with you was really a privilege.  It was neat to see that, no matter how different our dancing styles might be, our choreography styles are right in line.  This performance (to Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie”) had huge potential, and I think we met that potential and even exceeded it.  I really hope you enjoy watching the product of our hard work as much as I did!  Click the link below to see our duet:


My solo was pretty exciting, too!  I encored my Gravedigger’s Ball performance to “The Mission” by Puscifer.  It’s an interesting piece, and at one point, I crack a whip (video to come soon!)  During the Ball, when I cracked my whip, I accidentally brought down some Halloween decorations that were hanging from the ceiling!  It turned out to be a pretty cool moment and luckily I was able to pass it off like it didn’t surprise me (even though in my head I was saying “holy s…, holy s…, holy s!!!”)  It worked OK, and a lot of folks seemed to think I did it on purpose.  Sweet.

Then last night when I went to crack my whip, I was going for a BIG one, because there was a large crowd and it was pretty loud in there.  Apparently I cracked hard enough to break the whip, because the next thing I knew, I was holding a partial piece of the handle in my hand and the rest of the whip was behind me (thankfully still onstage!)  It threw me off a bit!  The piece is super sexy and seductive with a submissive/dominant edge coming from my lovely dance  partner, Justine; basically there’s not a lot of room for smiling in the act.  Well, when I do something as ridiculous and unpredictable as breaking a whip onstage, I’m gonna smile.  Ron said I pulled it off really well, though.  I just had to keep going.  And I have to admit; knowing I even have the ability to snap a whip in half during a performance is kind of cool.

This is a great shot from my — now delayed — piece to “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble. But this shot is too freakin’ awesome not to share! Thanks to Desiree Galvez for the gorgeous Glambition rehearsal pics.

I feel so lucky today to have come into this amazing group of dancers.  It’s a community and a family and a great group of friends.  Looking back at my life before Pole, Mel, and the rest, feels like a dream.  I don’t think I ever came close to knowing myself before May of 2011 when I first walked through the doors of a pole studio.

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