Oh, it is time!  Glambition is tonight.  Last week was the Gravedigger’s Ball, which was absolutely fantastic.  The Bit of Billiards has already asked us back!  There was quite a crowd.  I loved my routine.  Loved it so much, I decided to do it again tonight for Glambition.  The main reason is that “Feeling Good” isn’t where I want it be just yet.  That routine has potential; HUGE potential.  If I do it now before I feel it’s really “ready”, it’s going to be ruined.  So, stay tuned in the future for “Feeling Good”, but prepare for the sexiness of “The Mission” by Puscifer.  It’s so hot.

A very sexy moment from my Gravedigger’s Ball performance.

My duet with Kris is beyond amazing.  We hit it on the head at dress rehearsal.  I think Mel was misty eyed, but she got even later in the night when her duet with her daughter, Des, made me cry!  I think it’s going to be an emotional show.

Last Saturday, we had a grill out at Thompson Park for Da Jhur’Gah.  It was really fun; Victor put it together and a bunch of us showed up and ate, grilled, fought, talked, and laughed for hours.  It was fantastic.  I think we’ll need to make events like this a regular occurrence.
I hope you can make it out to the Dickens Opera House for Glambition tonight.  Vavoom! was spectacular, and Glambition will touch your heart and stir at your soul.

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