Shows, shows, shows!

Well, I started writing a new post a couple weeks ago after Oktoberfest (which was an absolute blast and chock full of Pole-sisterly love!)  But life got in the way of me finishing.  No matter: with time comes new news.

Speaking of news, Da Jhur Ga and our little Longmont practices are famous!  Copy and paste this link:

Aimee Heckel (my hero who wrote the initial story that got me into my very first pole class) covered our practice as a Workout of the Week!!  Open the link in Internet Explorer (rather than Firefox) to see the video interview with me!  It was wonderful; she came to our practice on a lovely, sunny Saturday afternoon and fought with me, Mikar, Wasad, and our Da Jhur Ga friends.  She was so into it; she garbed up (from Wasad’s ample supply) and swung a blue to the best of her ability.  She ran around and even participated in a game of Zombies.  Wow!  I was so impressed with her; and I absolutely love the story.  It really explains what Dagorhir fighting is; I think it gave us some great publicity.

We have MAJOR events coming up and I have been working, rehearsing, eating, and sleeping (and basically nothing else) for the last couple of weeks.  Next Saturday (the 27th), we’re performing at a Halloween party at Bit of Billiards, a cool bar in Longmont.  I’m doing a solo to “The Mission” by Maynard’s (of Tool fame) pet project, Puscifer.  It’s hot.  Really hot.  My shoes are absolutely insane and there’s a whip involved.  Heh heh heh.  Oh, and I’m dressing as what I’ve been calling a Fetish Vampire; do with that what you will.

Then, on November 3rd (a mere seven days later…eeeep), is Glambition, the Ultimate Pole Dancing Experience, at the Dickens again!  Oh man, that’s exciting, and a little terrifying.  I’m doing a solo to “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble.  It’s a burlesque/pole combo, and it’s sexy as hell.  I put the kabash on “Bad to the Bone” because I just wasn’t feeling it in the dance.  I loved it in my head, but it wasn’t translating quite right.  It felt forced and awkward.  I want to feel beautiful and sexy, so I went with this.

As I made that decision, the lovely Kris approached me about doing a duet at Glambition as well.  We’re doing ours to “Love the Way you Lie” by Eminem, featuring Rihanna.  It’s becoming amazing and extremely intense.  We’re trying to translate the — sometimes disturbing — lyrics into a beautiful show for those attending.  I think it’s really going to move people.

Remember how I told you I’d link up my Vavoom! performance?  Yeah…fail.  But, (late and not never), here it is!  Copy and paste, then scroll down to “Beyond the Sea by Kevin Spacey, Performer: Baast InBlack”.  Enjoy!

And, remember how I told you about Iman Woods taking spectacular shots of us at our Glambition shoot?  Well, guess who made her way onto a promotional flyer?!  Crazy, right?  I’ll leave you with that.  It’s going to be a hell of a show.  If you missed Vavoom! you won’t want to miss Glambition.  And if you were at Vavoom!, you know Glambition’s the only place to be!


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