Fighting, injury, and Pole struggles

Well…the elbow was starting to feel a bit better.  Then Da Juhr Gah had practice yesterday.  Dagorhir is a lot like Pole in some ways.  There are some Pole classes where everyone is just on and in the zone.  Everyone has amazing courage and they hit all the new tricks they try.  You can almost feel bodies humming in a Pole class like that.  Fighting practice can be the same way.  Some days, we’re all tired and kind of not into it.  We sit around a lot those days, and we drink a lot of water.  But days like yesterday happen, too.

Fighting was like dancing yesterday.  We hummed.  Everyone tried new combinations of weapons and moves.  Wasad introduced us to half speed fighting, where you slow your strikes down to — obviously — half speed.  It does amazing things for your form perfection.  I usually work with a shield and a one-handed hacking/slashing sword.  Yesterday I gave a go at my same weapon, but using it to stab more instead of hit.  I tried some two-handed weapon work (it involves a lot more running around), all under the careful instruction of Wasad.  I can see a huge difference in my fighting; I feel like I’m starting to get — dare I say — good(ish)!  We fought under the gorgeous autumn sun for two hours before I finally had to call it quits and head to another commitment.  But the others stayed to do and learn more.  Sweat poured through our clothes, but we just kept going.  We even picked up a new participant who was walking by the park!

The consequence of all that beautiful fighting was my elbow being pretty achy this morning.  But I was teaching Fit-4-Pole, so elbow be damned!  (I was careful with it, don’t worry.)  But it got used a bit too much with the two-handed weapon fighting.  I hate being injured so close to performances because it holds me back on trick perfection, rehearsal, and choreography.  It’s stressful to say the least.  On top of that, I’ve definitely been experiencing a lull in my pole advancement.  They tend to happen, but this one’s been going on for a while.  I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my lower level of determination related to my “real” life being busier than usual.  I’m hoping to come out of it soon.  At least the fighting is going well; that helps me realize that it’s not me physically.  I’ll be hitting Pole classes hard over the next month to get ready for the October and November performances, so hopefully it pays off!

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