New studio, Glambition, photography, and more

I love this shot; it catches the freedom of the new studio itself, as well as the overall theme of my performance.

This last month has been one of rebuilding and recovery.  It’s been hard without our lovely ladies Zahara, Sunshine Kelly, and Sara.  There are very distinct holes in our Vertical Fusion family that are felt every day.  We are starting to realize exactly where those ladies fit and to see all of the roles they filled that we are now missing!

To start though: Melanie opened a second studio in Fort Collins!  Vertical Fusion is officially a CHAIN!  It’s been a really exciting process.  The studio is beyond gorgeous.  There are two rooms for dancing; one is going to be kept free for Zumba, ballet, and other straight dance classes, and the other one is the pole room.  Oh…the poles.  I am in love with these poles.  Ten of the most perfect, stainless steel coated, spin-like-butter poles you will ever see in your life.  I want to live in that room!

What a perfect angle for Crossed Ankle Release!

For the grand opening of the new studio, Melanie arranged a casual evening of class demos, meet-and-greets, and performances.  It was great to see some of my Dagorhir friends there; I think they’re psyched there’s a studio in their neck of the woods now.  There was a good turnout, and it was special to see how Vertical Fusion will help the pole community in northern Colorado expand.  I performed my “Teeth” routine with some harder tricks, so that was a blast.  It went much more smoothly this time around; I completely credit that to more dance and performance experience overall.  The dashing Nick Altiere was taking some beautiful pictures, too!

My favorite part of the evening was when Jeanette was doing her Intro to Pole demonstration.  She asked for participants to come up and try out the poles.  Dear Phredd was going back and forth about going up there.  (Phredd is a Dagorhir lady who faithfully takes every class I offer at every event.  She’s a fantastic belly dancer, and has taken to pole quite proficiently.)  She was shy, and let’s be honest; I can be pushy.  So she finally agreed to participate if Corey and Ron did, too. I am SO glad they went up there!  She rocked it out among all the other people trying, and everyone got a kick out of watching the boys try, too.  I was very impressed with Ron’s ability to Speed Bump.

Last night, Lucy celebrated her actual birthday with a great house party (complete with pole, as is customary!)  There were a lot of Pole Sisters there and we were all trying out new tricks.  I got Teddy, which is a no-hands hold with legs in straddle.  It’s gorgeous!  I never thought I would get a trick like that; thank you Nina for showing me how!  On an unpleasant note, I hurt myself going into Butterfly.  I was almost into it and then I started to slip.  I fell off the pole and didn’t actually hurt myself in the fall, but my left elbow (I was holding onto the pole with my left hand) was strained from — I assume — trying to keep me up there.  Yowza.  I’m not sure how bad it is yet, but I’m fairly certain it’s only muscular.  I’ve had enough ligament and tendon injuries to have a good idea of what they feel like, and it doesn’t feel like a broken bone, either.  But it’s sore, and it’s going to make pole a low priority for the next week at least.  I refuse to nurse a chronic injury for months and months like I’ve done with my broken second toe.  So, I’ll keep you posted on progress; I think — and hope, hope, hope — that it’s just a pulled muscle.  Those heal, and usually quickly, and we have shows coming up!

I remember when my Thigh Rest used to be pretty lame. I’d say I’ve improved a scoche.

We realized a very deep hole left by our missing ladies, Sunshine Kelly in particular, during Lucy’s party.  We no longer have a constant photographer to capture every trick, fail, smile, and laugh!  She was always there, loyally snapping away during parties, performances, classes, and events.  This morning I realized that Des got her knee hold, I got Teddy, Nina and KiKi got some gorgeous variation of Daphne, and there was little to no photographic evidence!  I think we’d better decide who the new photographer is going to be: Nina, I’m looking at you!!!  (You have a nice camera…)

There are two shows coming up in the next two months!  On October 27th, we’re doing a Halloween show at Bit of Billiards in Longmont.  It’s going to be very focused on fun, creepy makeup and themes.  I am doing what can best be described as a fetish vampire piece.  It’s going to be fun, fun, fun, and fairly risque.  (It’s truly what I do best.)  This show is going to be relaxed and laid back, which is nice, because a week later we have GLAMBITION!  This is our encore performance at Dicken’s Opera House in Longmont.  Glambition is all about embracing and celebrating your own version of glam; it’s about doing what makes you happy.  My “Bad to the Bone” piece will be perfect!

We had a photo shoot today with Iman Woods to promote — and get excited about — Glambition.  I went hardcore 80s Rocker Chick!  Mattie did my makeup with some serious, SERIOUS black liner, and Layla Melody performed what can only be described as a miracle on my hair!  She added red extensions and teased the absolute crap out of it!  It was AMAZING, and it set off my red booty shorts, red corset, and red rhinedtoned stripper heels swimmingly.  I brought a Guitar Hero guitar to the shoot, too, so we incorporated that into some fantastic group shots.  I cannot WAIT to share some of them with you!

My spectacular hair and makeup for Iman’s shoot today! Thanks again Mattie and Layla!

What a month, right?  Let’s hope this injury doesn’t keep me sidelined for too long, because I’m pretty sure the pole world and my Pole Sisters aren’t going to slow down anytime soon!

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