Goodbyes…and new beginnings.

Darling Sara! How I will miss her smile!

Wow!  Time really got away from me there.  I am busier than usual with work, as the school year is near starting, and there is always a lot to do.  Without further apologies, let’s get updated, shall we?  I’ll work in a linear fashion, I suppose.

First, two weekends ago we had two fantastic pole-centered parties, two nights in a row.  The first one was at Mimi’s apartment complex pool in Broomfield.  We did pool-side poling with the X-Stage, eating, drinking, partying, talking in the hot tub, and generally palling around, having a good time.  The sad side of the fun was it was a joint good-bye party for three of my most treasured Pole Sisters: Zahara Rose, Sunshine Kelly, and Sara.  Every time I think of them and of pole I remember that their smiling faces won’t always be there to greet me as I walk through the doors of Vertical Fusion.

Zahara: I am so happy we started conversing regularly during pole classes.  It’s sometimes hard to strike up conversations with people, even if you have seen them dozens of times.  But what a treat it was to get to know you!  You taught me about your culture, about struggles with injury and choreography, and why it’s important to embrace sexiness.  Thank you so much

Kri, myself, and Zahara after a show.

for all of the good laughs (and your great vegan cooking!)

Sara: You are a little spitfire.  You have always been the “baby” of the group, but you hold your own with all of us.  You are so wonderfully gregarious; you even inspire ME to be more outgoing!  I will miss your laugh and your determination.  There has NEVER been a pole trick too hard for you because you always put your mind to it and achieve whatever it is.  I hope to see you competing professionally someday, because I really think you’d take the world by storm.

Sunshine Kelly: I feel so lucky to have gotten to know you, especially because — without Pole — I don’t think our paths would have ever crossed.  You share so much of yourself through your smile, your laugh, and your easygoing personality.  Thank you again for being such a generous person; it’s not always easy to share one’s heart, but you help me to understand why I should.

Oh dear…I’m getting a little misty eyed, and that makes it hard to type!  Moving on to the three way birthday party!  KiKi, Lucy, and I all threw ourselves a 30th birthday party the very next night.  It kind of ended up being “Pole Installation Party Part 2” because Pole was the number one activity (besides drinking), and because the majority of the guests were Pole Sisters!  It was great.  Everyone got to try out some cool tricks, and some people who’d never tried it before got to see what all the hype was about (including a couple of guys!)  It was a good way to acknowledge the fact that, yes, indeed, we might be getting older, but we’ll never stop being awesome.  I am going to have to split this post into two parts because I want to spend a lot of time telling you about Vertical Fusion’s first Pole Retreat.  Short preview: it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, so you won’t want to miss reading about it.

My friend Jesi came to visit from NY, NY and happened to be there in time for the party! I was lucky, because she caught some cool shots.


In a rare moment when she’s NOT kicking ass directly on the pole, she simply kicks ass at the base of the pole. I FB stalked your pictures, Sunshine Kelly!


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