Vintage Vixens at Va-Vavoom!

My GORGEOUS hair and makeup for the show. Thanks again, Amelia and Kri!

Thank you, Desiree Galvez Photography! Sail up in the air.


Oh holy crap.  The show went well.  No, it went crazily, awesomely well!  We were out of seats before the opening number and people were standing for the actual performances.  Talk about a great way to start off!  Everyone was on point in their performances, the music and lighting were perfect, and the dancers and audience really seemed to enjoy themselves.

I was a nervous wreck.  I had two numbers: my burlesque routine to “Cherry Lips” by Garbage, and my pole routine to “Beyond the Sea.”  Rehearsal went really, really well.  I hit all the tricks that were concerning to me, so I was feeling pretty good.  But it was so, SO hot in the Dickens

Thanks for the shot, Nina! Here is my Butterfly during rehearsal.

Opera House at showtime (no wonder, with that many bodies…)  I was able to hit most everything in my actual performance, but fell a bit short on Advanced Plank (it became regular Plank) and Butterfly (I decided I’d rather hit it half-assed than fall on my face, which was the other option.)  I think I played if off OK though, and the only people who would’ve known I wasn’t “on” would have been my fellow dancers.  And they’re too polite to point it out.

BIG THANKS AHEAD!!!!  First, thank you to Amelia for doing my hair; I was truly impressed that those curls held all night long, especially with the heat!  Thank you Kri for doing a truly amazing job on my makeup; I can’t think of a time in recent memory when I’ve looked quite so smoldering.  I mean it: come live in my guest room and do my makeup every morning!

Thank you again, Desiree Galvez Photography! Here’s a shot from my burlesque routine.

Thank you Ron for being everyone’s errand boy leading up to the performance; you saved our booties a number of times!  Thank you Zahara and Kelly for filming my performances.  I know there’s an official video coming out, but I wanted to see something right away, and you made that possible.  Melanie: you deserve more thanks than I could ever give.  Thank you for all your hard work; not just on Vavoom! but in everything.  You touch so many peoples’ lives.  And thank you to all my fellow dancers and instructors: we wowed the hell out of Longmont last Saturday.  It was an experience none will soon forget.  Keep kicking ass; I love you all.

One thought on “Vintage Vixens at Va-Vavoom!

  1. Megan you have grown so much as a performer and I admire you for having such stage presence, for working hard, and for always having fun with it! You make me so proud and I am so grateful to know you! XOXO

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