Vavoom! is tonight.

The amazing Melanie! Thank you to DG Photography. You rock, Des!!

I can’t believe it.  After months of hard preparation, the day of the big show is finally here.  I cannot convince the butterflies in my stomach to take a damn seat!  Dress rehearsal on Tuesday was absolutely mind blowing.  Everyone has worked their cute little booties off to make this spectacular.  A quick thank you to Melanie (owner of Vertical Fusion): thank you for inspiring all of us with your kindness, determination, commitment, and talent.  You are the type of person whom we all aspire to be, and there aren’t many out there like you.  Love you, Mel.

2 thoughts on “Vavoom! is tonight.

  1. Woooooot!!! So ready for this show and beyond excited to collectively knock everyone’s socks off with you and all the other beautiful ladies and gentlemen performing tonight! I am so grateful for your friendship, Megan. You’re an awesome friend and a sexy, sexy bitch! LET’S DO THIS!!!!

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