Da Juhr Ga and Vavoom!

They say my “war face” is pretty fierce. I’ll take their words for it.

We’ve started some great Dagorhir practices here in the little realm of Da Juhr Ga!  We’ve always done fighting and sparring,

Our first major practice! Victor — as the bad ass present — decided to make it easier on us by taking a leg first.

but now we’re doing more public practices as a chance to really fight with each other and bring new people in.  Talk about a blast!  Last night Victor brought, well, pretty much the entire practicing body besides me, which was really cool.  There were five of us together in a shady little park in my hometown, sparring and gaming together.  We went for two hours and really only stopped because the mosquitoes became unbearable.  Victor is a great teacher; he goes into a practice hoping to drill others and help them become better instead of bowling down the fighters who are not as good as him.  It was fun AND productive!  I practiced a little bit of drilling with the newer fighters and came up with a couple of scenarios for us to try out.  I attempted fighting against two people at once, which was certainly a challenge, but one I think I can rise to in time.  A non-Dagorhir friend of mine even came to the park to check it out, and she ended up picking up a sword and sparring a little bit!  That was really fun; I think that there are a lot of people in my life who would love — and benefit from — Dagorhir.

Vertical Fusion’s next showcase, Vavoom!, is coming up on July 14th.  It’s at the Dickens Opera House in Longmont, which is a historical building on Main Street.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and will be the perfect backdrop for our vintage pin-up theme.  It’s also a pin-up art show.  Iman Woods, owner of Iman Woods Creative, did a photo shoot with some of us at the studio about a month ago.  The shots I’ve seen so far are beyond amazing; I cannot wait to share them here with you!  If you’re in my area and are interested in coming to the show, visit verticalfusionstudio.com to buy tickets.  You will really enjoy yourself.

My performance still needs some polishing, but I think I’m about there.  I’m definitely going to be hitting an open pole session this weekend, though!  I’ve figured out my costume; my Sexylesque routine came in really handy for this, because I went for a vintage burlesque look for it, so most of my costume is already good to go.  Hooray; that’s one less thing to worry about.  I had grand delusions of putting a Holly Drop into this routine (I just recently achieved this insanely hard and scary trick!) but it’s a bit much.  I need to remember to take it down a notch for a performance because it is ever so important to me to NOT FALL OFF OF THE POLE.  Wish me luck on that…I’m going to need it.

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