Leaving on Friday for the end of the world!

Ragnarok is — of course — “the end of the world”.  It happens every year about this time in Pennsylvania, as a matter of fact!  Last year

Wasad’s shield (crafted by Skeith) is made to look like the gate of DaJuhrGa, our little realm in this area.

Ron and I did a ton of work and prep for Rag so that the subsequent years could be less chaotic.  We got all of the big equipment we needed and then stored most of it out there.  Now we only need to pack our bags and find kind and generous friends to haul a few things out for us in their cars.  There are big plans for this year that I’m keeping under wraps to avoid spoiling any surprises, but if you’re one of my readers and you’re going to Rag, come find me there.  I’ll give you a few details.

Corey (Wasad) started a tradition called Crafty Day years ago.  Every year, about a week before Rag, some of us get together and finish crafting up weapons, armor, and other nifty projects and items that can be used at Dagorhir events.  While we work, we play all three

Here’s one of our swords; it’s a “blue” weapon, which means it can be wielded with one hand.

extended versions of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy to get pumped up.  (We root for the orcs and the bad guys, naturally.)  To add to the fun, we usually play the Mordor drinking game; each time any character in the series says “Mordor”, we have to drink.  It gets fairly ridiculous.

Ron (Mikar) and Wasad have been helping me make some armor.  This has been in the works for a while; I figured out what I wanted to do about a year ago, and it’s been in various stages of construction since.  Yesterday, Wasad really got me far on it!  I’ve never done leather work before, and I’m an absolutely FAILED seamstress, so honestly I have trouble constructing anything that resembles clothing.  I just can’t picture what something is supposed to look like in various stages; all I ever know is how I want it to look at the

The first stage of my armor laid flat. The top will come to mid-chest level (no more painful boob shots for me!) The side panels wrap around my back and then tie together.

end.  (It doesn’t turn out that way without help.)  We got the leather cut right to fit me like a corset, and Wasad taught me how to stitch the pieces together (plus, he did a fair amount of stitching himself.)  Then he drilled holes in the back to lace the armor up.  I will need help getting in  and out of it, but as Ron says “That’s what squires are for.”  Guess I’ll need to find me a squire!  Next I hope to dye it black, decorate it all nifty like, and mold it better to my body.  But I am quite pleased with the start!

The days feel like they are simultaneously crawling and flying because I have so much to do still, and because I JUST WANT TO BE THERE!  I’m sure you can sympathize.  We return home on June 24th, so look for a Rag and pole post soon after that.

I hope you survive the end of the world.

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