Mordorial Day

We got home last night from our first event of the Dagorhir season, Mordorial Weekend.  It was great for many reasons, one of which it was very close to home!  We got to come home for showers and such.  The first night we even got a ride home so we could sleep in our own bed!  Super luxurious.

The event itself was a blast.  It was extremely local, so mostly people from Mordor (the Loveland, CO. area) and surrounding towns came.  Therefore, we got to see a lot of people we’re pretty close with in Dag.  Because we struggle to make it up to weekly practices (read: that practically never happens), we don’t see most of our local friends all that often.  Events are a marvelous time to catch up.  We get to hear about (and meet!) new babies, get caught up on new job/school prospects, and watch new relationships develop.  We also get to cut loose and have a relaxed, good time.

The event organizers did an amazing job of making Mordorial Weekend special.  Everyone who came got a handmade chain mail token as a souvenir, and many of the prizes and props for games and tournaments were handmade as well.  The games and fighting were fabulous!  I didn’t get seriously hurt, which for me is a mark of success.  Ron ended up with a broken nose, but it’s not crooked or anything.  (Isn’t that kind of messed up, when you judge how “bad” a broken nose is by whether you actually had to go to the hospital or not?)

One of the games the organizers arranged went on for the whole event.  It started with 10 numbered headbands.  The initial people who received headbands had to battle for them, and then the bands were handed out according to the order in which people died on the battlefield.  After that, anyone could enter the game if they challenged number 10.  Challenges could be anything; a lot of people picked fighting challenges, but there was some creative stuff flying around.  Many challenges towards the end of Friday evening involved chugging beer.  I had been partaking early Friday afternoon, so sat out for the initial weapons brawl to claim headbands (I avoid fighting when I’ve been drinking; that’s how I tend to get hurt.)  But as soon as those bands were doled out, I was challenging folks to get in on the game.  I defeated Buster (number 10) soundly when I made him chase me around to try and catch the banner flag-football style.  It might not have been fair, but he claimed to win anyway because he got to watch me run around in a corset for 3 minutes.  Fair enough, but I didn’t care because now I was in the game.  From there on I made and met quite a few challenges, including a plank challenge, a bridge challenge (both yoga poses), a javelin throwing challenge, a nap challenge (whoever falls asleep first wins!), and so on.  I ended up at number 6 by the time Ron (Mikar) and I had to leave on Sunday.  It was a fun way to get to know the people I don’t usually see much at events.  And there was a lot of trading headbands back and forth between numbers because the challenger who just lost wanted to win the headband back.  I lost plenty!  My biggest mistake was challenging Melkore to the same running challenge that I had tried out with Buster.  This was several more beers in, and Melkore is deceptively agile.  I had to sprint pretty hard and that 3 minutes was feeling pretty long!  He started gaining on me mid-sprint and I lost my footing and went down!  Luckily, it was a grassy hill and the beer helped me to go limp, so I only ended up with a few scratches.  All in good fun.

Fighting on Saturday was ridiculously fun.  I fought sword and board (sword and shield) for the first part of the fights and then switched to arching for the bridge battle.  Bridge battles are just fantastic.  It’s a scenario set up just like it sounds.  Two teams, one on either end of a “bridge” (spray painted lines on the grass) try to take the other side of the bridge to win.  If you step over the lines, you’ve fallen into the water and are dead.  It’s a great battle scenario for hand-to-hand combat because you’re up close and personal with your enemy the whole time, and you know exactly where they all are (they can’t surprise you from behind).  It’s also brilliant for archery because all of your enemy is clustered up in one spot and you can just pick them off from behind your fighters.  Torso and face/head shots with arrows are instant death, so the biggest challenge is waiting patiently for someone to carelessly move a shield in the wrong direction so you can get a clear shot.  I was picking them off one by one; some days for arching are great, and some are horrible (probably a lot like golf.)  Saturday was my day; I hardly ever missed!  I was feeling like quite the bad-ass until Buster hit me square in the eyeball with one of his well-aimed arrows and I had to hit the sidelines because my eyes were streaming so bad!  I was OK; I just

Thanks for Pravus for the pic. This isn’t exactly a bridge battle, but it does look similar with the two teams close together, facing each other.

needed a little time to recover from that one.

Mordorial Weekend got us into the Dag spirit.  It was a marvelous warm up for Ragnarok, which we leave for on June 15th!  That’s right around the corner.  There will be poles in our Stagger Inn, of course, and Wasad has come up with a brilliant idea to combine pole dancing and good humor for the Poisoner’s Guild party on Monday night at Rag.  Keep watching for more details, because you won’t want to miss this.

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