Happy Mothers’ Day!

What a fun day it was.  I talked my mom into coming into Vertical Fusion for classes today!  She took Power Hour with me and totally

Thanks for all you do, Mom!

killed it.  Between the strengthening and conditioning moves, it was a workout she’s more or less used to.  She has never-ending endurance, aided in large part by all the training she does on her bicycle.  (She’s riding RAGBRAI: the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) for the fifth time this summer!  So, a few push-ups and squats didn’t exactly leave her crying in a corner.

As the time drew closer for her first Intro/Beginner Pole dance class, though, she was a little nervous.  I tried to explain that the dance classes are very focused on instruction and that no one is going to do anything spectacular their first time in.  I hope that eased the concern a little bit.

Kelly taught the class and did a totally awesome job.  By the end, my mom was doing the Stripper Strut, Woman on Top, Front Hook Spin, Speed Bumps, Around the Clock, and more!  It was really exciting to look over from my vantage point to see her pole dancing.  I hope she enjoyed it; I think it helped that Kelly wasn’t afraid to show some moves that pole dancers work up to (including her HANDSPRING, UNASSISTED!)  It’s great to see where you’re going with it the first time you walk into a studio.

So, thanks Mom!  Thanks for taking a risk today and trying something totally new and totally foreign. Thanks for always being there for me, and for teaching me how to be myself.  And, once RAGBRAI is done, I expect to see you back in Power Hour!

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