Update on next showcase!

Sail up on the pole.

This July 14th showcase is starting to look pretty impressive!  Melanie found a venue in town that will be the most amazing setting; it’s so exciting to imagine performing on a stage in front of a large audience.  There is also a theme for this showcase: Vintage/Pin-up!  We need to select songs, makeup, costuming, etc. to match the theme.  I am a little sad that Mr. Thorogood’s song will have to wait for the next showcase, but I’ll get over it because I decided on Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” (the Kevin Spacey version), so it’s going to be a major blast.  It will be a fun challenge to make a routine sexy and edgy (I like to choreograph a dance to the way I’ve been feeling lately) to such a different type of song.  I’ll pull it off, though there probably won’t be a lot of booty popping involved.  Melanie has a lot of cool ideas for promoting the showcase, many of which I hope to be involved with; watch here for updates.

The monthly Vertical Soiree was last Friday.  It was really therapeutic to go and dance, talk, and laugh with my Pole Sisters.  What an

Advanced Plank. Thank you, Nina!

awesome bunch of ladies.  I got visual proof of my Advanced Plank achievement (see picture), and for fun, asked Nina to get a shot of me holding Sail up on the top of the pole.  Made for a pretty good photo!  I’ve been told my “come hither” look rivals Melanie’s, and that is quite the compliment.  A bunch of ladies took their tests to get into the Intermediate level.  It was exciting to watch.  It really makes me happy to see all of these women flowing into Vertical Fusion and growing and feeling fulfilled.

Oh, and the Dagorhir season is starting to ramp up.  Ragnarok is coming up in mid-June.  (SQUEEEAAALLL!!!!) and it’s looking to be as great as last year.  And for Memorial Day weekend, we’re doing a small, local event in Niwot (Mordorial Day).  Sweet.  I won’t be able to go to the whole thing because of work, but I’ll be able to arrive on Friday afternoon and commence with the partying.  We have another event in August that I already got the time off for; it’s in Kansas (whee), but at a really nice campground (meaning it has showers, which makes me a happy, happy Baast!)  Cannot wait to get to some of these events; I haven’t seen a lot of my Dag brothers since last September, which is far, far too long.  If you’re a new reader of Princess to Pole and have absolutely no clue what I’m talking about, check out my “Dagorhir” tagged posts to learn more!

Ragnarok is coming. (Thank you, Ash!)

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