Thank you, shut face.

Oh, it’s been a quiet couple of weeks.  Nothing like settling back in after a Vegas trip.  I did my burlesque performance last Friday at

Before burlesque makeup, costuming, and hair.

Tease studio in Denver. It was amazing! I really killed it and still get a thrill when I watch it.  I practiced so many times that my dress started to get creases in it from laying on the floor after being discarded during my routine.  I did a more vintage dance type of routine to a really bouncy song (“Cherry Lips” by Garbage.)  I went full pin-up for my look, so the makeup and hair looked amazing, even though they took two hours.  I have literally NEVER spent that much time getting ready for anything in my life!  My friend Sara also kicked major ass with her performance.  She did a very classic piece with a fan and it had a great Latin flair to it.  She looked completely gorgeous!

Afterwards Mel told me how brave I was for going down to pasties and a thong, and she ruminated that she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to do that.  While I disagree with her, Roxy taught me a great way to handle compliments during her Sexylesque workshop: “Say thank you, and then shut your face.”  I hear her voice in my head every time someone pays me a compliment, and I think I’m getting a bit better about accepting them graciously.

In Pole, I am slowly but surely getting more tricks under my belt, and they’re getting tremendously exciting!  I got Butterfly the other night, which is amazing because that’s one of the moves I just never thought I’d get.  Check it out at Pole Dance Dictionary:  The pose itself is the one she


holds after finishing her spin.  Pretty damn sweet!  Next on the docket is Extended Butterfly, which is similar, but legs and arms are straight and the points of contact on the pole are hands and ankles.  It looks really, really cool.

I am finding my time dancing at Vertical Fusion to be so special.  I feel really close to the ladies at the studio, and I am motivated to help Mel out in any way I can.  She is amazing, and sometimes I still have to pinch myself to know that yes: Mel really opened a pole studio in Longmont, and yes: I get to dance there as much as I want with the best women in the world!

A better shot of the whole shebang.


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