There are poles in Vegas. You’re just not allowed to use them.

With Ron and Victoria at the VooDoo Lounge on the 51st floor of the Rio.

Oh yes, we went to Vegas.  We hit it hard!  Stayed in a suite at the Bellagio with a view of the fountains.  Drank by the pool.  Got put on “the list” for some sweet clubs, danced on the roof of the Rio at the VooDoo Lounge, went to see Penn & Teller (Penn pulled me up onstage with them for a trick), and ate awesome food.  I saw poles at clubs and bars.  No one was on them, but they were guarded.  It’s not like Denver, where everyone is encouraged to get up and dance.  No, this is Vegas: I guess they’re just for the paid performers.  I seriously considered applying for a job at a club there and then quitting before we left.  Not really, but I did ponder it.  Briefly.

So, because of the trip, and because I caught a nasty cold somewhere between Vegas and DIA, my Pole life has been quiet.  I did go to the Vertical Soiree at Vertical Fusion last night, though.  It’s the first Friday of every month.  A bunch of the ladies come to the studio and bring snacks and wine, and we sit around and eat, talk, laugh, and dance.  This soiree was extra special because we got to surprise Mel with a gift.  She and a few other studio ladies are going to LA in June for a Pole convention.  Whilst there, Mel was hoping to get some people in on a semi-private lesson with Zoraya Judd (GOOGLE HER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN HER DANCE.)  It was just really expensive, though.  Then Zahara had an awesome idea: if a bunch of us pitched in, we could get Mel a completely private lesson with Zoraya and keep the cost totally reasonable for all of us.  So many people wanted to pitch in that none of us paid more for Mel’s present than we would to see a 3D movie.  That says something for how loved she is, I think.

Her reaction was priceless.  Tears and hugs, of course, which is exactly what we were all hoping for.  And we know that this lesson will inspire her and make her even more amazing for the studio.

Also, our next showcase for Vertical Fusion is officially July 14th!  Join me in the agony of my journey as I start to choreograph (and learn tricks for) my routine to “Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood.  It will be a mix of Pole, burlesque, and theatrics that is sure to please.  Can’t wait to show you more.

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