So, rather unexpectedly, I leveled up into Intermediate Pole!  Mel, Nina, and I were sitting around on Tuesday night, looking at Vertical Fusion’s curriculum that Mel has been putting together, and it turns out I can do all of the required tricks in the Novice level.  Exciting indeed.  Now I am onto learning (and continuing to practice) things such as Leg Hangs, Iguana prep, cast off to Inversion, Pole Cat, and Caterpillar.  I am so down.

I’ve mentioned before that Mel has a different way of leveling up called Poling it Forward.  For every level graduated, Mel donates the corresponding dollar amount to the Vertical Fusion Scholarship Fund, and to a local charity.  I chose to donate to the Longmont Emergency Unit (LEU).  Ron volunteers with them (he’s a Commander) as an EMT, rescue SCUBA diver, radio trainer, and many other things.  LEU assists local emergency medicine, police, and fire services when needed.  For example, we had a couple of plane crashes in Longmont last week.  Ron went out with LEU to help direct traffic around the scene so that law enforcement could investigate.  They do really good work, and I am so happy to get a chance to support them with something as great as Pole.

That's a half version of Flying Cupid. I was slippery.

Today I got my Pole Cat again.  It’s always exciting when you’re able to repeat a hard trick because sometimes when you get it, it’s kind of a fluke and hard to re-create.  I also FINALLY (drum roll…) got my Outside Leg Hang!  I have been working on it off and on for a long time now and it has been a bastard.  But today I showed it who’s boss.  I didn’t get a picture of me doing it (mostly because I didn’t expect to get it), but here’s a link to a video of someone else doing it (they call it Gemini, but I know Gemini as something else.  Sigh…our industry needs standardization.)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ_jbnJEHJc  Copy and paste to check this move out.  It’s particularly special for me because this is the move I saw that made me want to do Pole in the first place.  It’s just so damn pretty.

Though not exactly Pole related, I am going to be doing a burlesque performance in April!  I’ve been taking a workshop with Roxy Star called Sexylesque.  It combines burlesque with lessons on costuming, choreography, and themes.  It’s been a lot of fun.  I am learning stuff that I will definitely be combining with Pole in the future (I’ve already started stringing together a routine for our next showcase in, oh, June.)  I’m sure you’ll read plenty of lamenting about that in future posts.

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