Video of my Grand Opening and new tricks achieved!

YAY!!!!  I finally got to see video of my Vertical Fusion Grand Opening solo performance!  Overall, I think it looked good.  Of course, being my own worst critic, there are things I would have done differently (and better) in an ideal world, but I can’t complain too much.  It was such a far cry from how I usually dance in Pole, so it’s interesting to watch my emotion come out in the dance.  I hope you like it.  To watch, copy and paste this link:

Yesterday’s pole class was great!  The energy was just perfect and a lot of us intermediate girls nailed some cool tricks.  I got Polecat, which is pretty badass.  You go upside down into Reverse Crucifix, anchor your hands on the pole below your head, and pull your butt up and away from the pole.  Then you slink back down to the pole in a Bodywave type of movement.  Very tricky looking, and super hot!  I also got Flying Cupid.  It’s similar to Marley but extended.  So, you wrap one knee around the pole and lift the other leg up into Jasmine.  Lower the grip and then grab the anchored leg by the shin and WRENCH IT BACK AS FAR AS IT WILL GO.  You have to let go of the pole with both hands, so you’re holding on with your knee only.  Extend the other leg and the other arm. Check out this link for a quick video of the move:  No pictures of Polecat that I can find.  Guess I’ll need to post video of that one eventually.

Check out to peruse some moves.  It’s neat to see what is even possible with Pole!

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