Parties and Grand Openings

It has been an absolute WHIRLWIND of a couple weeks!  So…much…POLE!  The Mardis Gras party in February was a screaming

The Pencil Spin requires a lot of strength, as you are pulling yourself up completely by your arms. It's best on spin pole.

success.  We had performances from Melanie, me, Kri, Kristen, Roxy Star, Kaizque, Sarah, and Tina Ballerina.  The participants were really receptive to us and they enjoyed watching our pole, burlesque, and ballet performances.  It was really gratifying to have the opportunity to entertain just for the sake of entertainment.  We got some fantastic feedback, some tip money for the Vertical Fusion Scholarship Fund, and some new dancers at the studio.

The two weeks since then has been filled with rehearsals, choreography, and practice for the Vertical Fusion Grand Opening.  I joined a group number that Zahara suggested.  There were five of us and we danced to “Bad Girls” by M.I.A.  It was sexy, beautiful, and daring!  I absolutely loved the combined effort that went into the choreography; everyone brought some really cool ideas to the table.  There was one point where Mimi and Des were on the pole together; Mimi was in a handstand and Des was standing on her legs!  Holy crap, it was mind blowing.  Zahara nailed her Outside Leg Hang (a tricky, tricky move that has thus eluded me.)  Dirty Shirley played the part perfectly with sweet handstands and fan legs.  I hit a mean Black Widow spin and got to give Zahara a “come hither” look towards the end.  Plus, we ended with spin poles!  You just can’t go wrong with a performance like that.

My solo was entirely different from “Bad Girls.”  It was to “Leave My Body” by Florence and the Machine.  I tried to tell a story with my movements and to really create a dance specifically for the song.  It looked amazing in my head, and I haven’t seen the video yet, so I don’t know if I’m right or not.  But my friends and family said it was great, and the photos look pretty good so far, so I might just have to believe them.  I’ll post a link to the video once it’s available.  Lisa was at the studio taking pics (along with a lot of other people), so expect to see some great shots, too!

I have been working on Crescent for a long time. I didn't think I got it last night UNTIL I saw this photo.

The pull of sisterhood is strong; I feel ever closer to the women with whom I dance.  We are a family, and I know I could turn to any of them if needed.  The love was palpable in the studio last night.  One woman danced to “Hungry Eyes” and “Time of My Life” from “Dirty Dancing.”  She arranged with all of us to get up onstage with her during “Time of My Life” to dance around the poles and lip sync the song directly to Melanie.  We wanted to acknowledge and thank her for all of the work she has done to get Vertical Fusion up and running so that we all have a supportive, gorgeous, and fun place to dance.  We wanted to make her cry, and we were successful.  I am tearing up now just writing this and remembering the joy leaking from every corner of the studio last night.  Thank you Mel, and thank you to all of my Pole Sisters for bringing me such fulfillment.

One thought on “Parties and Grand Openings

  1. You are so right–we are a family! Last night was unforgettable and absolutely surreal because it was so perfect! Including your beautiful solo! Love you, my sista!

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