January Showcase and Vertical Fusion

I was getting ready to go onstage!

Oh my goodness, my performance at the January Student Showcase went FABULOUSLY!  Melanie helped me finish it off so that it looked consistent and polished.  I was beyond pleased.  I will try getting it up to YouTube with the link here.  I did my routine to “Teeth” by Lady Gaga and it looked so amazing and so hot!  I still watch the video and say to myself, “Wow…I can’t believe that’s me!”  It makes me look back and contemplate how far I have come with Pole.  I started off thinking how amazing it would be to get my push-pull technique down, and now here I am performing for a crowd!  (With Crossed Ankle Release and Plank to boot!)  Just wow.

Huge news in my Pole world, too.  Melanie has started her own business called Vertical Fusion!  It’s operating out of Longmont (her house for now, actually, but hopefully in a studio soon.)  She is teaching Power Hour (strengthening) and Pole technique classes.  In addition to those, I am taking her four-part series in Pole choreography that mixes sensual dance and Pole.  Throughout the four weeks we will learn a routine to one song.  We’re two weeks in and it’s looking fantastic.  She has us doing partner moves on the pole that are really impressive.  And as another bonus, my split-grip holds (one hand far up on the pole, the other low with fingers pointing down) are getting really strong.  On the downside, my forearms are killing me!  It’s really a tiring hold, but it looks impressive.  My thigh rest is also improving exponentially.  This is a move that is pretty much what it sounds like.  Face the pole, split grip it, and (gently) raise up your lower body to rest on the pole.  It looks awesome in straddle.  I am having a blast.

There was a point where I was starting to get down on Pole.  I had lost the feelings of support and love that I got at the beginning.  Something was missing.  Now that I am dancing with Mel and Vertical Fusion, I have re-discovered the joy,

camaraderie, and love in Pole.  It’s made me more open to my other Pole sisters and has made me ever more appreciative of our sport.  The Showcase really brought that out.  Seeing my Pole sisters achieve great things was so touching.  It was just one evening, but I feel that it accelerated relationships with these women that I didn’t have before.  I love you all so much!

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