A courtesy update and public shout out

There are changes afoot!  They are positive, but have affected my Pole life and so I have not had much to post about.  And seeing that it’s winter and I haven’t exactly been doing much with Dagorhir, things have been quiet in my hobby life.

Not that I haven’t been working; I finally finished all of my choreography for the showcase and I think it works really well.  It’s all within my skill level but is just challenging enough to give me a rush when I complete my routine.  Nice balance.  I need to make a somewhat last-minute costume switch.  The outfit I was planning on wearing will definitely not work, so I am kind of stuck there.  I’ll make a cruise over to Fascinations and pick up something appropriate…or inappropriate, I guess.

Triple Threat last night was beyond description.  Melanie brought us together with a partner routine that rivaled all other Triple Threats.  We did partner chair dancing and then partner spins on the poles!  Phenomenal.  Absolutely phenomenal.  Melanie deserves a public shout out for her skills, her positivity, her beautiful dances, and her ability to make others feel so good about themselves.  Mel: I haven’t always loved myself, but when I dance Pole with you, I feel more confidence and joy than I ever thought possible.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

3 thoughts on “A courtesy update and public shout out

  1. Wish I coulda taken some of these triple threat classes (work schedule)…. Joy literally busted out the walls of that studio whenever I got there toward the end of class for the next one. It was in the air.

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