Learning to slow down

The last week has been great for Pole!  I taught Booty Blast and then took Level 3-5 on Saturday, and then did Triple Threat last night; it was absolutely awesome.  I am starting to hone the tricks I want to use for my Showcase routine and I have now completely mapped out the performance I want to do.  Now I need to practice to get it down and to keep it smooth.  It’s pretty exciting; I can’t wait to perform!

Triple Threat was a blast; I loved Melanie’s routine.  There was a lot of chair work and the pole work was also very fun and challenging.  We did the routine to Muse’s “Feeling Good”, which is a very slow, sensual song.  It was perfect for this style of dance.  I’ll get some of those videos posted on YouTube and put the link up here before too long (it’s easier than upgrading the blog, and it’s free!)

Ron and I went to a New Years Eve party on Saturday at a club with poles.  It’s always fun to get on the pole and entertain myself and others.  I love that each time I get to dance in public I get a bit better.  I did Crossed Ankle Release quite a few times on Saturday, as it’s the newest and hardest trick that I have achieved up to this point.  The pole I was dancing on was a shorter one, so my entire body spanned the height of it!  I would release and put my hands out and onto the floor so I wouldn’t hit my head.

I have been working on slowing down the tempo of my dance; if there’s a fast song on, I’ll dance half-time.  Dancing slowly allows me to take more advantage of the sensual nature of Pole.  Extra bonus: I can catch my breath between tricks!  I am plenty bruised now, but the marks are simply reminders of the hobby that I love to learn and do.

4 thoughts on “Learning to slow down

  1. Aah, so annoyed I missed Triple Threat when you guys did “my” song!:P (Funny how I started thinking about Feeling Good that way after hours and hours of planning a routine, then chickening out of actually doing it:P)

  2. Too funny, I was actually considering Feeling Good for the showcase too originally. A perfect pole dance song. I really enjoy the slower, more sensual side of pole too Megan, I’m with you on that one.

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