Weather ruins things.

Snow has kept me from making it to several Pole classes in the last two weeks. But this week is looking beautiful all the way up through New Year’s! I’m hitting Level 3-4 tomorrow, Booty Blast and Level 3-5 on Saturday, and Triple Threat on Monday. Can’t wait to get back to an actual routine.

Speaking of routine, I’m still putting mine together in my head, but I need a lot of work on some of the tricks I want to do. I’ve decided that the Holly Drop might be a bit too ambitious, as I haven’t been able to get it yet and we’re a month away from the showcase; that will go into the Maybe Pile and I’ll re-visit later depending on what happens. I’d rather have my routine look effortless and beautiful and be a bit easier than try and fit these tricks in and look like a lumbering idiot. Sasha told me that the taller you are, the harder it is to make things look easy on the Pole, so that’s my goal: I want my routine to look easy. I want it to look like I’m barely working at all, when in truth I’ll be busting my ass.

2 thoughts on “Weather ruins things.

  1. Yay, I’ll see you tomorrow and Saturday in class then!:)

    Going for tricks you’re completely comfortable with sounds like a good idea, we don’t want to see you falling headfirst during your routine! And you know I can recognize the whole “taller is harder” thing..:P

  2. A really good Holly Drop (with arms *gracefully* flailing) is quite scary. LOL, the Maybe Pile.

    Then there’s the Ouch Pile (things that are reasonably accomplishable with gritted teeth and/or having-a-baby-labor-breathing ….some days, and hard/impossible/don’t-even-go-there other days, say if I have a paper cut or a chapped lip that has already sapped my daily allotment of pain tolerance…..

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