Working on the showcase, and Pole dancers = smart.

I always have romanticized, idealized images of the moves I can do when I play them through in my head.  I’m sure we all do that to some extent.  Right now I am working on putting together my routine for Boulder Spirals’ Student Showcase on Jan. 28th.  I have my song picked out and a pretty good idea of the routine I want to do; have I learned to properly execute all of the tricks yet?  Not even close.

I am getting there, though.  I’ve finally got my stripper somersault down.  I’m getting there with Outside Leg Hang.  I’m THISCLOSE to Crossed Ankle Release, and once I get that I can — hopefully — add Crescent.  Still to come: Holly Drop and Marley and some fancy stuff on spin pole.  I can feel time ticking away and it’s freaking me out a little bit.  But now that I am on Winter Break (I LOVE working for a school district), I plan on working specifically on my routine for half an hour a day.  I think I can fill in the choreography and make it all come together, and then work on perfecting the tricks while I’m in the studio with the crash mat and a spotter.

I was commenting to a friend of mine that I’ve noticed that the ladies who dance Pole — at our studio and in general — seem really smart.  We have a lot of career women and college students who come to take classes.  Being in Boulder, I suppose it could be a biased sample, but you know what?  I don’t care; it’s good enough for me.  So now I will tout the brilliance of Pole dancers to the world.

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