Little to report

Ah, my world of Pole has been quiet recently.  I didn’t make it on Saturday due to snow.  It was too cold and icy to deal with on a Saturday morning!  I’ll be teaching Booty Blast next week and taking Level 3-5 with Sasha, though.

Triple Threat last week was great!  I had to overcome some fears because we did a couple of spins from the chairs to the poles that were a bit intimidating at first.  One was a fireman spin from a full stand on the chair.  I’m pretty tall (5’10”) and when standing on top of a folding chair…let’s just say that’s a long way to fall.  I had to try it a few times and work up my courage to do it properly.  Once I got used to it, it looked amazing.  One of these days I’ll get all of the routines I’ve recorded in Triple Threat up onto this blog.  I’m pretty sure that will mean upgrading some stuff, so just keep an eye out in the future.

I’ve been thinking through and processing the routine I want to do for the Student Showcase coming up in January.  I’m getting pretty psyched; I’ve been working on getting a few tricks that I really want to incorporate; it’s very motivating to hit it hard in class.  Reverse Crucifix is looking better, Crossed Ankle Release is almost there, and I’ve started Outside Leg Hang (it looks so, SO cool!)  Hopefully I can get them all in there with enough time to develop some muscle memory.  Falling to the floor onto my head because I screw something up would definitely put a damper on my performance.  I want to avoid looking like a jackass.

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