Five minutes of Body Waves

I taught Booty Blast yesterday and then took Level 3-5 with Sasha.  Booty Blast was killer; I was struggling to finish!  My booty is sore, so was most definitely blasted.  During 3-5, I told Sasha I wanted to work on a move that I’m thinking I will use in the Student Showcase coming up in January.  For the move, you start with handstand against the pole, clamp your thighs around it, and sit straight up to grab the pole.  I want to do that and then combine it with a climb.  I was worried I wouldn’t have the core strength, but I got it!  It needs a little work as far as grace is concerned; it could definitely be a lot prettier, but it’s a start.

Speaking of core strength, I’m starting a challenge that Sasha has suggested.  She has a friend who swears that by doing 5 minutes of Body Waves per day, one can earn six-pack abs.  Disclaimer (from both Sasha and me): not everyone is set up for six-pack abs.  Some people put on visible muscle more readily than others.  Obviously, I might not be sporting a crazy six pack for all to see, but the point is the strength.  If I have the function of six-pack abs, I’ll be happy because that will get me pretty far with Pole.  So, consider me challenged!  I put on a 5-6 minute song, grab my pole, and body wave to exhaustion.  We’ll see if it works any better than the stuff I’m already doing to strengthen my core.

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