Handstands and Reverse Crucifix

Yesterday I felt like my body was singing in Pole.  It all lined up beautifully and I think I finally got my confidence back.  I taught Booty Blast at 9 am (it did indeed blast my booty) and then took Level 3-5.  I got Reverse Crucifix for the first time (with a little help from Sasha!)  Reverse Crucifix starts with a handstand.  You work your way up the pole with your legs while your hands stay flat on the floor.  Once your hips are up far enough on the pole, you lift your hands from the ground, squeeze your legs together around the pole, and arch your back.  It looks pretty awesome.  It feels like blood rushing to your head, but I can honestly say that there are very few “comfortable” moves in Pole.  Good thing it’s so fun.

I’m starting to get a bit more comfortable with the basic inversion.  I can get upside down on the pole, but I’m working on getting my hips up higher than my hands so that I can let go without crashing to the floor; desirable, to be sure.  I want to work on that as well as a reverse handstand from the reverse crucifix pose.  There are all kinds of variations; you’re supporting your weight on your hands while balancing with your torso against the pole while you re-position your legs into pretty poses.  Once I get it, I’ll have Ron take pictures and post them up here so you can actually see what it looks like!

I’m going to Triple Threat and Mixed Levels Spin and Static pole classes tomorrow night.  They made the mixed level class co-ed!  I am so excited about that.  Ron is bummed; he wants to do it but always has an outstanding commitment on Monday nights.  Hopefully it will be super successful so they’ll add more!  It would be great to see more men pole dancing.  They have the strength to start doing some really cool tricks.  I can’t wait to see the kind of stuff they’ll do in class.

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