Booty Blast: here I come

So I haven’t put this on the blog yet because I wanted it to be official.  But here it is officially: I am going to be teaching some Booty Blast classes for Boulder Spirals!  I am quite excited.  I have been teaching under Melanie’s supervision for three weeks now, and my first own class is going to be 9 am on November 5th.  Woo hoo!  I have been doing fitness instruction for a long time now, but never for a pole studio, and seeing as how pole has become my favorite hobby and way to spend time, it seems only fitting.  I can’t wait to help other ladies get in shape for pole dance.  Girls: get ready for burpees!

On the pole front, I went to Triple Threat and Mixed Level Spin and Static Pole last Monday evening.  Triple threat combines chair with pole dance and is a whole new way to be creative.  I absolutely loved it!  It’s fun to learn some dance that I can use in settings that don’t have poles; Melanie came up with a lot of good ideas.  I’ll definitely be hitting that class again.  Mixed level was really fun, too.  I love being around other women who are working on their own pole moves.  It’s inspiring to see the kind of tricks I know I’ll get to work up to.  I was watching one participant do the move Pole Cat, which as best as I can tell from watching, is basically a climb up the pole upside down.  Pretty badass.  Pretty excited to get to that point.

I’m still practicing inversions and Melanie taught some of us a new inversion with a funky grip.  It’s a move used commonly in Chinese Pole where you kind of wrap your forearm around the pole and grab it from the other side.  You kick your legs up and hook them so you’re upside down.  Don’t try this at home, kids!  I had to build up some courage and I watched some other people do the move first.  Then I went for it.  I got it, too!  I was upside down and suddenly realized I was in a position I’d never, ever been in before, and wasn’t sure how to maneuver my body to get down off the pole.  I started to slide but then lost my grip and crashed down off the pole!  I was only about a foot above the ground when it happened, though.  And I fully credit all the strength I’ve built because my strong core was able to keep me folded in half so that my head didn’t hit the floor.  My hip landed first, followed by my leg.  It made a spectacularly horrifying noise.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s tell ’em fast that you’re OK.  (My mother is a nurse and ALWAYS assumed the worst.)  So I jumped up, oh, immediately and announced “I’m fine, I’m fine!!”  Turns out…I was!  I’d hit the fleshiest part of my hip (otherwise known as my big butt.)  Didn’t even bruise.  I harm myself far more severely by doing some moves correctly.

So, my first pole — and fall — adventure.  I have to admit, I’m proud.  Proud, and pretty sure I’ll be using the crash pad next time.

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