Old injuries…back again.

I’ve had to cancel on three pole classes this week.  And it was for such a lame reason.  I was getting out of my car on Friday night and went to close my door, and suddenly my back just seized up!  Most unfortunately, it was right over the spot of my previously dislocated rib.  When I actually dislocated my rib, it was partially a result of the muscles connected to it getting too tight and then pulling it out of place, so naturally I panicked.

I called the studio (at 12:50 AM) to leave a message saying I couldn’t make it in the morning; I knew that if I danced, I’d likely make the muscles tighter and then definitely re-dislocate.  Then Ron spent about 20 minutes trying to stretch and massage my back into behaving.  It took the edge off, but still…yowza.  Muscle relaxants and ibuprofen helped keep it from getting any worse.  I was also able to get a massage on Sunday and that helped a lot, so I’m almost back to normal.  I canceled on Mixed Level Spin and Static pole last night for fear that I’d re-tighten everything.  But I think I’m good to go for next Saturday.  And thank goodness.  I don’t know exactly what clinical pole withdrawals look like, but I could be the poster child.

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