There will always be a point when you get discouraged.

Pole is difficult.  There’s no tap dancing around it; it’s complicated and really hard at times.  For that reason, it’s tremendously rewarding when you get something right.  I’m just in a bit of a dry spell with achievements at the moment.  I am on the final day of my self imposed week off of the pole.  My arms were achy.  My bruises and blisters wouldn’t heal.  Every new trick I tried felt momentously difficult.  I realized I’d reached a bit of a burnout.  It happens to the best of us and it happens in all sports and hobbies.  You reach a point at which you’ve achieved amazing things and so are rewarded with harder things to do.  But your skill level has to catch up to those new, harder things.

For me, that new skill set is Level 3.  It’s super fun, and I am learning a lot (some of which I can do!), but the jump in difficulty was a big one.  Where I take solace is this: when I take a level 2 class I start having to add more difficult things myself.  Fireman spin?  Nah…I’ll do Ankle Attitude.  Front Hook Spin?  Try Back Hook Spin.  That’s a good feeling.  But you wanna get me up there for a Cross Knee Release or teach me any number of split grip spins?  I might be crying about it later.

Of course I know that all of this will get easier.  In a few months I’ll be thinking about the next level up and those tricks will seem impossible and I’ll look back at Level 3 and think, “Well, THAT was easy.”  But not today.  Today I am nursing sore forearms and joints.  Blisters and bruises.  Fear and frustration.  I’ll get over it.  Tomorrow I will go to a mixed level spin and static pole class.  I will rock it out.  I will learn — and achieve — something new.  And I will have a blast.  Because even through the hurting and the difficulty, pole is pure, raw fun.

One thought on “There will always be a point when you get discouraged.

  1. Keep at it! Sounds like you are doing well! I have had to take a break at what my studio called level 8. I was struggling a lot and I’d forgotten that I’d struggled before – as you said, it just takes practice.

    The knee hold is frustrating and hurting the he’ll out of me! And my flexibility won’t let me pull off a full Jade yet!

    We’ll get there though! Keep going x

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