Did another marathon pole class session yesterday: Booty Blast, Level 1-2, and then Level 3.  I am learning SO much, and I’m loving it!  Level 3’s general skill level is going up, so I’m kind of remedial in there, but it makes for a lot of exciting new tricks to try.  Still have a ways to go on, oh, all of them.  But I’m starting to learn inversions, and that’s really the whole reason I got into pole: I wanted to learn how to go upside down all circus-style.

Sasha had us trying some tricks that were rather scary (for me at this point, anyway.)  They all involved being upside down in some way, which is a very foreign way to hang out on a pole.  When I’m right side up, it’s easy to tell where my feet, knees, and thighs need to be.  Upside down is a whole new game; a position that’s become simple standing up (Standing Crucifix) makes me an idiot upside down.  I’ll just keep practicing, though; pretty soon I’m sure it will come just as naturally.

I’ve been doing Spin Pole classes pretty much every week as well.  It really challenges my strength.  I find that my arms are completely fatigued by the end of class, and spins that I’m doing no problem at the beginning are suddenly quite impossible.  Last week I tried to do a Pinwheel, or Ankle Attitude, spin during our free dance portion at the end of class, and I literally crashed to the ground!  My arms simply wouldn’t hold me up anymore.  That is — of course — only a new challenge for me.  I’ve already started myself on an endurance weight lifting program.  Balls to you, Spin Pole!  I will conquer you!!!!

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