Wasad is a Pole Master.

More from the Pole Party

This is a Dagorhir/Pole post.  I LOVE it when my favorite things get a chance to be combined.  Last week was our War of the Iron Fist event in Missouri.  Much shorter than Ragnarok, but just as fun, if not more.  We are Army of Mordor (AoM) and there was a HUGE turnout of our group at this event.  I think we had around 70 of our own people from around the country there.  We were nearly half of the people at the event, which made field fights quite fun and interesting.

This was a bonding event for AoM.  We’ve recently introduced a charter of sorts that outlines testing processes, expectations, and guidelines on how to represent the AoM.  I think it brought us together like never before.  We are a good group with many dynamics.  I think we’re nicely balanced.  We’ve got amazing fighters, creative artists, dancers, technical folks, and master mixers.  We really bring it.

I’ve bragged up the AoM enough for one post.  Where does pole come in?  We had our poles for the Stagger Inn again!  I got to dance, and this time, I had students!  I held a class during one of the days of the event and had a decent turnout.  Thank you again Jacob, Heather, Nick, and Preston for learning with me.  (That’s Tyrannis, Phredd, Knoxey, and Meo for my Dag readers who don’t know who I’m talking about.)  It makes me so happy to see people letting loose and learning something new and fun, even when it comes with its own set of possible misconceptions.  The guys were not only climbing to the top of the poles, they were spinning with the best of them!  Heather and Preston were exceptional spinners, Jacob hit the climb on the first try, and Nick can do the pike spin better than I can.  Corey (Wasad) motivated my dancers by doing his outside leg inversion at the start of class.

The Poisoners’ Guild held a big event-wide party on the last night of War of the Iron Fist.  Pretty cool; we were sponsored to do it.  I was ranked as a Chemist within the Guild, but wanted to rank up to Poisoner really bad.  Some of the Guild Masters (Nameless, Wolfie, and Ogr) and I came up with my test.  It involved the pole, naturally.  We have a drink series called “Climb the Ladder.”  Each progressive drink is either A) progressively more revolting, or B) progressively more strong.  There were seven of these drinks for the party on Saturday.  Instead of “Climb the Ladder,” we called it “Climb the Pole with Baast.”  I had different categories of tricks that corresponded to each of the drinks.  Anyone who took those drinks got a personal show on the pole.  I had to get either two people to climb the whole ladder or get two people to do each category of drink (they didn’t need to do the whole ladder.)  I passed with flying colors because I got three full climbers.

During the party we had a lot of people trying out the pole.  I loved seeing what people would attempt and it was great to see the occasional hidden talent come out of the woodwork.  I stayed sober-ish to babysit the pole as folks got more and more intoxicated, just to make sure the entire Stagger didn’t come down on top of us.  At some point the crowd started a chant: “Wasad on the pole!” over and over.  He came out of nowhere, ran into the Stagger, and did his inversion for the whole crowd!  Because of that, he has been deemed our Pole Master.  I’m sure that makes him really happy.

As always, it was hard to say goodbye to our old friends and the new ones we’d met.  It’s nearing the end of the official Dag season, so it’s hard to stomach the fact that I might not see a lot of them again until Gates of Summer in April.  Wow…though I’m sure it will go fast, as time tends to do.  And like my friend Fenris says, “With Facebook, the distance doesn’t seem so great.”  Good thing she’s right.

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