Guess who graduated? This girl!

I made it!  I finally earned my yellow garter; Level 3, baby!  I worked on my Standing Crucifix, Pole Sit, and my Push-Pull and perfected them to Melanie’s liking.  Last Saturday after Level 1-2, she gave me my yellow garter and took my picture at the Boulder Spirals studio.  Sweet.

That's my new yellow garter.

Victory! Level up. "Ding." Photo courtesy of Boulder Spirals.

I’m going to take my first Level 3 class tomorrow.  Of course, I’m doing it as insanely as possible.  I plan to do Booty Camp and then Level 1-2 BEFORE I take Level 3!  Otherwise I’d have an hour to just kill by myself.  And there’s not a lot to do in the immediate vicinity.  So I’ll just be sure to bring a towel and a snack.  I’m going to be taking Level 3 classes from Sasha.  I hear she’s pretty tough.  I’ve gotten used to Melanie’s style so I’m a little freaked out, but I’m sure it will be fine;  Sasha’s perfectly nice.

Ron and I have another Dagorhir event coming up in Missouri: War of the Iron Fist.  He just flew out this morning to combine a business trip with the event.  (He has clients in Kansas City; handy, right?)  I head out next Thursday.  I’m pretty psyched.  More of our local friends are going to this event then went to Ragnarok.  It goes Thursday through Sunday and will be a major whirlwind.  The partying at the smaller events is more intense because we have less time!  I usually need a couple of days to recover completely, but it’s so worth it.

There will be Pole at War!  One of our friends took the specialty poles home with him from Ragnarok and he lives an hour from War, so we’ll be all hooked up.  I have some big plans for mixing bartending with pole dancing; I think things will get fairly interesting.  Hopefully I’ll have some great pictures for you when I get back.

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