So, so close to Level 3: Yellow Garter

Keep an eye for more Pole Party pics yet to come; a busy husband has not had the opportunity to send them along quite yet, but they are very fun, so continue checking.  He got better shots than I did, but I got a few fun ones, so check them out.

You've got to have some cute shoes.

Yesterday I hit Booty Camp and Level 1-2.  Kristen is in Ireland, so sadly I was forging the path alone.  Lucky girl…I’d still rather be in Ireland.  It was a big group in Level 1-2.  DollHouse Pole Studio has officially changed its name to Boulder Spirals, so I’ll be sure to change the link on the blog.  Anyhow, the studio encourages dancers of higher levels to attend all classes; the teachers are well-versed enough in everybody’s skill levels that they are able to cater the classes appropriately and challenge everyone.  We had first-timers, several Level 2s, some on-the-verge of Level 3s (me!), actual Level 3s, and a Level 7 in class yesterday!  It was so fun to watch what the higher level dancers were doing.  It also inspired Melanie to get pretty creative in her teaching.  Because she needed to spend the most time with the beginners, she walked around the room offering major challenges to each other level.  She showed me and my counterparts three new moves to practice, and that kept us pretty busy while she taught the newbies the Stripper Strut, Woman On Top spin, and the Front Hook Spin.

Christina is learning the Stripper Strut.

Any pole party requires some booze-a-mahol.

Kristen at the Pole Party setting up for what looks like a Front Hook Spin.

I learned the Reverse Hook Spin, which is technically a Level 3 move, but is now my very favorite move to do!  It’s a great spin that sends you backwards around the pole.  It requires some major upper body strength because you actually have to pull yourself up onto the pole.  I have the strength but need some refinement, so this is great practice for me.  I took quite naturally to going backwards; more so than I have to pretty much anything else in class.  I guess we all have our thing.  Mel also taught us a combination spin: Front Hook to Back Hook.  It’s tough for sure.  You start with a Front Hook Spin like normal and then you drop both of your knees (still spinning) and switch your other leg onto the pole to finish with a Reverse Hook Spin.  My problem is I get to the ground sooner than I can do all three moves!  Mel says “You’re not spending a lot of time in your Front Hook.  You’re really just saying ‘hello’ to it before going into Reverse.”  So true; too bad my body parts don’t listen to her!  Practice it will be.  Finally, she combined a Woman on Top spin with either a Reverse Hook Spin or a Stag Horn Spin.  Stag Horn is in reverse as well, but your knees are not hooked around the pole.  Basically, you pull up and move backwards around the pole with both legs out to the side.  It takes a lot of strength.

After class was over, Mel reviewed with me where I was in Level 2 so that I can know what I still need to perfect to get to 3.  There aren’t any new tricks I need to learn, I simply need to refine some of my technique.  So I still need to get to the point where I can sit on the pole and let go with my hands.  I need to perfect the Standing Crucufix, which entails starting a climb, but stopping in a standing position and then letting go with the arms out straight.  Slippery sweat is my biggest issue with that one, as it’s hard to maintain that position while you’re uncontrollably sliding down.  Finally, I need to perfect my Push-Pull technique.  Melanie gave me some tips to work on it so I am eager to recover from yesterday so that I can really get good at it.

They were dancing to Slayer songs.

Here's the bodouir type set-up for the party. Ron did some lighting; red bulbs, of course. I brought my boa-adorned mirror downstairs, and we got a decent sound system set up as well.

Yup. The pole is sturdy. That's Corey and Ron on it. Together.

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