A huge milestone.

OK Brian: just for you, I’ll be posting more often.  Ron and I got dinner with a good friend last night; he’s moving to California to go to law school.  I was pleasantly surprised when he told me he’s been reading my blog.  But then he made fun of me for having “maybe 4 posts.”  Oops…I guess quantity does count for something.

Luckily I have something very exciting to report.  I went to Booty Camp today.  I have been struggling so hard with climbing.  Most of the time I get all set up to climb up the pole and I end up simply sliding down no matter how hard I am trying to stay put by squeezing my legs and flexing my shoulders.  Kristen likes to make a “wah, wah” noise as the inevitable slide occurs.  Kind of a bummer.

But last Monday I took Beginning Spin Pole from Melanie.  It’s amazing; the pole spins freely but you do have to use your whole upper body to maintain your position and your lower body to maintain control.  It’s more of a focus on endurance than stationary pole.  I think that might have bumped my upper body up a notch.

Today Melanie announced that we were going to climb.  She explained different instructions for those who can climb the whole way and for those who go halfway.  I was prepared for halfsies — if that — and got set up.  I started going and suddenly everything just clicked.  My core was under control to pull my legs up and my arms were holding out amazingly well.  I suddenly realized that I was past the halfway point.  It was then that I looked down and decided, “Oh hell yeah.  Today I’m going all the way.”  Other participants finished before I did and I said down to Melanie (now about 15 feet below me), “you guys go on without me.  I’m going to the top.”  I kept pulling and — with no amount of disbelief on my part — made it all the way to the top of the 20-something foot pole!  In the past I had always ruminated and wondered how to get down from the top once you’re up there.  I hadn’t discovered a solution by the time I reached the ceiling.  But no matter; I was too excited to have achieved this milestone that I didn’t even feel my inner thighs chafing as I slid — and squeaked — back down to the floor.

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